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I don’t recall whether it was China or South Korea that I “discovered” mochi, but I know I bought these delicacies in both places when I was teaching there. They are not regulars in Australian supermarkets, and I don’t go … Continue reading

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Thrifty – it’s a word that I don’t recall hearing spoken very much in recent times.  I suspect it is a word that is not used very much these days.  A search on Google found that there were pages about … Continue reading

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A Day Around Wynnum and Manly

I had one major task to complete while my son is away.  He drives a Mitsubishi Lancer which was recalled about a year ago, but he’s never found time to take the car in for the “repair”. So I booked … Continue reading

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On the Goldie

I have never been a great fan of the Gold Coast, Queensland.  I don’t mind visiting, but have seldom enjoyed staying here and wouldn’t live here. This week’s stay has not changed my mind.  I have only spent 3 nights … Continue reading

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Cold Nights in the Van

It has been a cold few weeks – but it is winter.  I have managed in the van without too much trouble.   I have two hot water bottles, so they are my saviour, though I only use one at … Continue reading

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Oh, the Van…..

Preparing the Van I am still sorting out the van.  It’s hard because I have been house sitting and am due to do some more starting next weekend.  So, it is hard to prepare for life on the road. The … Continue reading

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City Living – Awful

I hate city living.  It’s awful. I’d love to live in the country.  Sadly my family prefer city living.  I’ve travelled by train from the seaside Wynnum area several times, and the view from the train window almost makes me … Continue reading

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