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In the Bus, In the Rain

Living in the Bus in the Rain. Bus and Rain, don’t go together. Down comes the rain today. I am back in the bus, Murtle, after seven weeks house sitting, and after weeks with little rain, it is bucketing down … Continue reading

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My Bamboo Adventures

Bamboo Fan My business card announces that I am a “Bamboo Fan” – I love anything bamboo.!   I am known for my bamboo adventures.   In fact, I have spoken recently at some clubs on bamboo. When I travel I like … Continue reading

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Secret Santa Book Dilemma

Secret Santa Books At the SWWQ Christmas End of Year meeting this year, members are taking second-hand books, written by women writers, as part of a “Secret Santa Books” project. Sounds like a bit of fun! Second Hand Books The … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of SEO

SEO??? Search Engine Optimization.  As someone who writes content at times for websites – mainly my own, and a couple of not-for-profits as well as Weekend Notes, I know I should learn more about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is something that … Continue reading

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City or Country Living?

City?  NO! I have lived in country areas and in the city.  Where I lived as a child in Adelaide, it was right on the edge of “civilisation”.  Across the road from our house, was a railway line.  The house … Continue reading

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Gardenia – a Little White Flower

Gardenia Fragrance A little white flower, which in the evening sends out a beautiful fragrance – the Gardenia.  I do like these flowers, though sadly they don’t last long.  However, if the bush has plenty of flowers – the nightly … Continue reading

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