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Shen Yun – Chinese Traditional Dancing

UBC Day – 15 I love most Chinese culture – especially dancing and so wanted to see Shen Yun. My friends and family know that I taught in China for just under two years, some time ago.  I found it … Continue reading

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Decline of Spelling

UBC – Day 15 I am quite sure that those of us who are over 50 years of age, especially those involved in education or writing, will talk of the decline of spelling.  What is happening to our language? Learning … Continue reading

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Do You go to Movies Alone?

UBC – Day 14 It started a long time ago, when doing shift work, that I learned to enjoy my own company when going to the movies alone. Why go to the movies alone? When I look back, it has … Continue reading

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Missing Child

UBC – Day 13 Missing Child There’s nothing scarier for a parent or grandparent than to experience a missing child. My grandchildren have grown up now, but some years ago, I experienced the trauma of a lost child.  “A”  was about … Continue reading

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Gertrude Bell – Queen of the Desert

UBC – Day 12 The Movie – about Gertrude Bell I  hadn’t heard about  Gertrude Bell, or the movie  Queen of the Desert until listening to the radio, sometime after it was released and it’s run in the theatres had … Continue reading

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The Value of Fingerspelling

UBC – Day 11 Many years ago, my mother taught me about fingerspelling.  I learned  how to use my fingers to spell words without having to use my voice to communicate. Fingerspelling Skills It is the way deaf people and … Continue reading

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Me and Cats

UBC – Day 10. I do see myself as an animal lover. Of all friendly animals – big and small. My experience with cats is good and bad. Let me explain. Tinkey and the Train When I was little we … Continue reading

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The Family Writing Competition

UBC Day 9 The Family Writing Competition I created a family writing competition.  I wasn’t going to post about it, but since sending the details to the four potential entrants, and hearing the stories from their parents, I thought it … Continue reading

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Computer Drama

I’ve had some computer drama.    A lot of “go slow”, a lot of frustration for me.  I wondered what was happening and tried to resolve it myself, but, though I made a difference, I was not happy with it. … Continue reading

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The Bad Treatment of Women

Hasn’t there been a lot of media about the bad treatment of women by men, since the Harvey Weinstein issue broke some weeks ago?  Two key players in the entertainment industry in Australia have found their names in headlines, too. Boys … Continue reading

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