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The Big Tree

UBC – Day 29 What’s in The Big Tree? Across the road from the house where I am caring for Lulu the cat, there is a big tree.  I haven’t worked out what type of tree, but it is two … Continue reading

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Home Grown

UBC – Day 28 Home Grown is Best! Home grown fruit and vegetables are best! Many folk do not, or have not, enjoyed the fruits of their own labour.  Especially now with many people living in apartments, there is little … Continue reading

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More on Exercise for Seniors

UBC – Day 27 Exercise for Seniors I know that to improve our health we must exercise more.  However,  I am disappointed at the offering for ageing people. Let me explain. I am what is often referred to as a … Continue reading

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Long Distance Driving

UBC Day 26  In Australia, there is plenty of long distance driving. I like driving long distances.  Perhaps it is because I spent my earlier years travelling back and forth across Australia to see my families.  Though in those days … Continue reading

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