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Who is Eating Seaweed?

Seaweed? Seaweed is a popular food in Korea, though I do not recall seeing much or eating it in South Korea, other than on the outside of Sushi or similar foods when I was there.  I think it was in … Continue reading

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Where have all the manners gone?

What Manners? I remember when there was respect for others.  My teachers were called Mr, Mrs or Miss.  I remember when I was a nurse, we never referred to those we worked with without their title.  Even if I worked … Continue reading

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Goals for the New Year

New Year Resolutions It’s that time of the year when some folk set their goals or New Year Resolutions for the following year.  It’s less than three weeks before the end of 2018, and so many of us set out … Continue reading

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My New Abode

A new abode – in a lovely area and with new friends. I’m looking forward to moving in in 2019.
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Gender Discrimination – Names

What’s your title? There are just so many ways women are discriminated against.  I’m going to sit down one day and write a list.  This topic will be included.  First of all, a question?   Does anyone refer to women by … Continue reading

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House Sitting Ends – A New Home

Solo Decision Making One of the challenges of living alone, means that you don’t have that partner to discuss various issues.  You have to make most decisions solo.  Now, I know I have been known to say that I don’t … Continue reading

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Strange Things Happen

A brief meeting over 12 months ago at Ross River Resort, and a chance meeting with another friend of mine in hospital – a rare co incidence. Continue reading

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