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Safety of Little Children

Missing Boy It was only a few days ago, that I “found” a missing boy.  My understanding is that it was a couple of hours before his parents reported to the police that their toddler could not be located.  That … Continue reading

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Lost Little Boy

The Unexpected It was totally unexpected. Here I was, minding my own business, driving to the Car Wash at Rothwell, as my car was dirty and dusty, when it happened.  I saw a little boy – perhaps between 2 and … Continue reading

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RIP Prince Leonard

Prince Leonard of Hutt River Today I learned of the death of Prince Leonard of the Principality of Hutt River Province in Western Australia.  I visited on my trip around Australia, in 2013. The story is quite remarkable, of how … Continue reading

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And Next There Was a Visitor

Unexpected Visitor How can you plan for that?  But it does happen to me!  I do tend to get surprises as my friends from China plan to stay with me!  Without warning! I decided last week to change the furniture … Continue reading

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Married at First Sight Rant

MAFS – Bad Language a Disgrace I have watched parts of the “hit program” Married at First Sight 2019.  Some of the candidates use terrible language.   I cannot believe that Channel 9 thinks it is ok for such foul language … Continue reading

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My Writing Journey

So Much Writing Here it is, just one month into the new year and my writing journey is going well.  Last year I was a speaker at an event where i talked about my travels. Some really funny things have happened … Continue reading

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