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The Return of the Handkerchief

Will the handkerchief return? I wonder if the handkerchief will return? I am of the vintage, that remembers the days before tissues for blowing one’s nose, or wiping away tears.  In those days everyone carried handkerchiefs.  What is a handkerchief … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Climate Change

I remember the good old days – do we have to change back to save the planet from all the rubbish and disposables that are causing so many issues in our communities? Continue reading

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Elsey Station at Mataranka

Memories of my reading of Jeannie Gunn’s book, We of the Never Never, and now first time, The Little Black Princess. Continue reading

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Bad Behaviour in Adolescents & Smacking

Young Children Misbehaving In recent days there has been quite a bit of media about bad behaviour in adolescents.  To watch the way some young children as young as 10 years old committing vandalism, and violence is frightening.   I think … Continue reading

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OWN – Older Women’s Network

The Older Women’s Network is focusing on the issues of senior women – looking at helping this cohort have happy and safe lives.
Continue reading

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Aged Care is Not a Home – Article

Further discussion following the article “Aged Care is not a Home” – which was in the SMH and reported to the Royal Commission on Aged Care. Continue reading

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