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About Voluntary Assisted Dying

With the new laws in Victoria, coming into effect on June 29th, 2019, people who qualify can have doctors assist them to die in dignity and without pain. Continue reading

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Is a Tiny House Suitable for a Senior?

What is a Tiny House? I am not convinced that tiny houses are suitable for seniors. What are they? There are several definitions of a tiny house – they are generally small transportable/temporary houses, that are sometimes seen as the … Continue reading

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Poverty – A World Problem

Poverty – A World Problem The statistics on poverty around the world are horrific to read.  While I accept that it is a World Problem, it is also a major problem in Australia.  It is the latter that I wish … Continue reading

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Remember Tank Man

Thirty years ago, a student protest in Beijing resulted in a massacre, which has been kept secret for 30 years.
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The Bamboo Story

Bamboo Fan My business card says that I am a writer, traveller and bamboo fan.  When folk read this they often ask what “bamboo fan” means.  They ask about my story with this amazing grass.  I start with the tale … Continue reading

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