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Day Out To Kin Kin

Yesterday, I had a “day out”.  I took my laptop but didn’t turn it on, so a day almost free of technology.  I drove to a little town called Kin Kin, which is some 150 kms north of where I live.  So drove over 300 kms in the day.  Driving is something I love doing, so to do that many kms in a day is easy for me.  I regularly do more.

A friend and I had some work to do for an organisation of which we are both members, so we did a few hours of work, before lunch and a tour of her property in the hinterland.  Kin Kin is a lovely spot – settled in the early 1900’s, surrounded by thick bushland.  It is very hilly, with lots of creeks that regularly flood with heavy Queensland rains.

Planning a Return

Sadly I did not have the time to explore the area, which includes the towns of Pomona and Kin Kin, so I have added these places to my list of must see places.  Between house sits I will venture to the area and explore and take photos.

The road through the area is very narrow and winding, and though in parts the speed limit is 100 kph, I chose to drive at 60 – 70, which clearly annoyed folk following me.  With such a narrow road, and deep drops on either for both sides, I felt safer.

Old Hotel at Kin Kin












The Ginger Factory

On the return journey, I called in at The Ginger Factory.   This is a great place if you are looking for somewhere for a “day out”.  You could easily spend all day here or in the other tourist spots in the area.This place is amazing.  One of the staff asked me if I had been there before.  Of course, I have. Many, many times.  I also visited the original factory at nearby Buderim.

The history of growing ginger in Australia is very interesting too and is detailed here.

Ginger Flowers (Heliconia) – plants are for sale

I was not aware that it came to Australia on the first fleet and eventually took 150 years before it was grown commercially.  Amazing story really.

In any case, I am not only familiar with ginger, but the “factory” which is now a huge tourist attraction at Yandina.  One of the most amazing things is that it is FREE to enter this enchanting place, though you cannot get out without spending money, whether it be the train ride, the fabulous food, ice cream, plants or wares from the fabulous shop.

I did buy some Ginger Beer with Vodka, and some “naked ginger” to eat on the way home.

Ginger Factory Entrance

There is so much to see with amazing garden, displays and a row of shops.

Shops along the rail track.

Next time I will stay overnight – perhaps for two nights, so that I don’t have to rush to visit  the local area.

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