A Strange Day

I didn’t know how strange a day it would be. Yesterday my day started with an eye test.  Yes, I need new glasses.  I pick them up in a couple of weeks.


Then it was home to do some work before heading off to the Sunshine Coast – Maroochydore to be exact.  I was looking at a campervan – maybe I will buy one, but I am just looking around.  That was a strange experience as I am so undecided about it all.  But I did my best to show that I knew what I was doing.

Kites flying over Cotton Tree

More Kites over Cotton Tree


It was near Cotton Tree – a popular spot near Maroochydore so I popped down to get some sea area.  I was fascinated by the kites/kiters in the waters.  The caravan park appeared to be full, as were most of the car parks.  I did a short walk to watch the kites, before returning to my car.

I also wanted to research for an article on Weekend Notes – it was a shop in a major shopping centre.

An Unexpected Strange Medical Event

I went into the shopping centre and introduced myself.  Shortly after a girl came in – a friend of the girl behind the counter.  I took the photos and was talking with her when I noticed the girl was fitting.   The shop girl phone the girl’s parents, who said they would come straight away.

It was a bit frightening.  As a former nurse, I had seen people fitting, but this was a bit out-there for me.  I sat with the fitting girl while we waited for her parents.  At times I was quite concerned – feeling as if I should be able to do something, but could not.  The shop lady was grateful that I stayed and kept an eye on the girl on the floor as she could service her customers.  She knew the girl well enough to have experienced a similar event with her, but she was very concerned.  I tried to hid the fact that I was well out of my comfort zone.

Eventually, the girl’s parents arrived and the girl after fitting for nearly an hour came around and was soon on a wheelchair that her father brought with him.  Safely with her parents.

Then it was off to the WordPress Meetup.   Which is always a bit strange!!!  Mostly because I learn things that I didn’t know existed.  Very interesting.  At half past nine I drove home back to Beachmere.

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