A Tenant’s Nightmare

Home Sweet Home

After several years of house sitting, and an unwanted health issue, I thought that I had best find a place to live and recover.  I want a “home sweet home”. Somewhere to live happily, for as long as I need it. After months of hunting, I eventually found a unit to rent, though I knew it would not be my forever home.   It was new, near the beach, had a pool and promised community activities.  As it turns out, it is not my favourite place and I look forward to moving out – if I can find other affordable housing. 

Disappointing Tenants

One of the attractions was the pool.  A small but wonderfully cooling place to swim in the hot weather, as the local beach is not a good swimming beach.  Then a group of tenants spent a lot of time there – swearing, drinking beer and wine and leaving their empties everywhere.  I had to step over their rubbish to get in the pool, so I stopped swimming.

There was a lot of trouble with some tenants, and a few were given their marching orders. Over six months things really started to deteriorate.  Cleaning around the property became random if at all and some tenants continued their bad behaviour.  Some would party all night, and the worst ones were given their “marching orders”.  Across the road from the units was a house where there was a lot of bad behaviour during the night, yelling and fighting, cars screaming, police coming, so much so that some nights I would barely get to sleep.  Crazy dogs often barked all night.  Several tenants I spoke to also found it difficult to cope with.

Unit for Sale

Then I learned that three units were on the market – and mine was one.  I had real estate agents and prospective tenants visiting.  And I was told I might have to move.  At the same time, some new health issues appeared.  I feel guilty asking my nearest family member, my daughter, to help me.  She works full time, plus has two busy sporting daughters to run from place to place.

Looking for a Forever Home

I am in the rental market because I don’t have the funds to buy.  I and others who are in this predicament find it just too hard to try and find something suitable.  If you are in the private rental market, it is expensive.  Getting public or community housing is most difficult.  What is the solution?  Do I go into the expensive private rental market and move frequently?  It is too expensive.  I am trying again to get into the public/community housing, but it is not easy.  That though is the only way that I am likely to find an affordable, likely forever home.

Do any readers have similar problems?  Any solution?





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