A Walk on the Beach

The Beach at Low Tide

Yesterday was a beautiful day – and late in the afternoon, I decided to go for a walk on the beach here at Beachmere.  The beach at low tide is generally a spectacular sight.  I am currently house sitting in a unit which is right on the beachfront, but stairs are useless. They were not well constructed, and are not safe to use, so I walked around to Main Street to access the beach.

Beachmare at low tide

Beachmere beachfront at low tide

I used to walk on the beach frequently when I lived in town, but I’ve been away for a while.

It was interesting to see the many changes along the beachfront, the new/upgraded houses, and work was done to protect the houses from the rising tides.  It’s a beach that few people other than locals see.  It is really beautiful at low tide.

Thousands of tiny soldier crabs live on the sand

Soldier crabs on the march.











Marching Soldiers

The soldier crabs are everywhere at low tide.  Children have a lot of fun with them.  they chase them – and sometimes the crabs just dig a quick hole in the sand and disappear.  One can pick them up, but expect a nip!

Beautiful sand patterns

Patterns on the sand













There are wonderful houses fronting the beach. Million dollar houses actually.  Yesterday several folk were sitting out on chairs with wine, cheese and nibbles with friends.  A cool breeze wafted around making it really pleasant.  Sadly the property where I am house sitting, though right on the waterfront, does not have access to such space.

Low tide on the waterfront

Right on the waterfront











What can you see?

At high tide, it is also possible to walk along the beach – but generally, it is best at low tide.  there are all sorts of things to be seen in the sand or the pools. There are all sorts of things to see – seagulls and other birds, dead jellyfish, sea shells, seaweed and more.

You can fish – but high tide is best.  There used to be seats in the water, for some fisher folk, but they have been washed away.

A forgaing seagull.

A Seagull wades in the water – no doubt looking for things to eat on the sand.










A wading plover

A plover wandering the pools











It is not a beach that entices swimmers into its waters – for a start, the water is very shallow and one has to walk a long way out to get the right depth for swimming, and there are plenty of jelly fish and other creatures that discourage folk from getting in the water.  Paddling is fine.

Nasty jelly fish

A deceased jelly fish



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