A Year ago

Leaving Alice Springs

It was exactly twelve months ago that I found myself at Barrow Creek.  This was after an adventure at the Ross River Resort with 499 other women in campervans, caravans etc.  I was ready to leave on the return journey back to Brisbane.  It is a journey of some 3,000 kms.

I had previously had trouble with the engine of my 1983 Toyota Coaster.  On the suggestion of the mechanic who helped me a week or so earlier, I booked into an auto electrician.  I turned up at the appointed time and waited and waited.

Eventually, I was told he could find no problem.  So off I set on the return journey, heading north.  I had planned to get to Wauchope, near the Devils Marbles, a trip of some 400 kms.  However, by the time I had travelled 300 kms I was getting tired and I decided to stay at Barrow Creek.

Barrow Creek

Barrow Creek is famous for a murder and some massacres.  It has little more than one or two houses, a very old hotel and road house, and a battered caravan park.  (I think it is the cheapest in Australia – for the facilities are not worth much.)  My van was, I think, the only one in the caravan park, though there was a gentleman there with a caravan. He was a more permanent resident.  He welcomed me and when I asked if he could help me the following morning if my van didn’t start, he laughed and said “the cook in the hotel is a diesel mechanic!”

I was “warmed” by this information.  Of course, in the morning, Murtle did not  want to start, but before I could seek help, a man knocked on the window.   

Meet the cook.

“I’m the cook” he announced.  

He spent some time examining the engine, and eventually announced that there was no water or oil in it!  Then he announced that I would have to wait at Barrow Creek for three days, as there was no oil available.  I was quite shocked – what could I do for three days in Barrow Creek????

Then the cook jumped out of my van and ran to the road house.  I saw a truck backing in, and within minutes the cook was on the back of the truck and quickly returned with a big container of oil!

Inside the Barrow Creek Hotel

After paying for the oil etc, I was soon on my way.  Fancy that!!!  The hotel cook was also a mechanic.   As it turns out, I didn’t have any more issue with the oil and water in the engine, but checked it every morning. 

The Road House at Barrow Creek

So glad I didn’t have to stay for three days in Barrow Creek.

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