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At the moment there is much media about China – it’s as if everything is all about China.As my readers would know, I spent some time in China.  It is such an amazing place, which has quite and interesting and complex history.   It is a history that many people in China do not know a lot about.  For example the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, is somewhat of a mystery to the Chinese.  Especially those who were born since that terrible episode in the history.

It is an amazing country – and they celebrate most of the positive events in their long history.  The history can be tracked back for some 4000 years.

I found this video which gives a lot of information about China.

China and Hong Kong

China recently celebrated it’s National Day on October 1st, 2019.  70 Years since the commencement of China as we know it now.  Its development is amazing.

In the nearly two years I spent there, I did visit Beijing and Xi’an but spent most of the time around Shanghai and the Zhejiang province, which includes Hangzhou and Shaoxing.   It is hard not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis.  So many people, so many cities, so many multi-storied buildings, so many factories, so many museums and places of historical value.


Visiting Beijing

Me in Tiananmen Square

Peak Hour Traffic

We Aussies complain about peak hour traffic in our cities, but it is very minor compared to the traffic in China.  Being in the crowds for major events in China is overwhelming too.  I went frequently in Shanghai along the Nanjing Walking Street (Mall) down to the Huangpu River, where the colours from all the lighting on buildings and boats on the river is astounding.  As are the crowds.  Hang on to the person/people you went with as it really is like being in a sardine tin.  Squashed crowds,  walking towards The Bund, is a hard slog.

Every day is an adventure when in China. There is so much to see, to do, to buy, to eat etc etc.  I do hope to get back one days.

We live in interesting times.  With current political activities, who knows what the future holds.

What do you think?


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