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Grammarly – My Word Checker as I write.

I use Grammarly – though I often overrule it, it is helpful to me as a writer in many ways.  I like the weekly reports, and while many of the errors it identifies, mostly they are typos.

One thing that I am so grateful for, as someone who loves to write, is that I learned to type at school.  I attended Brighton High School (Now Brighton Secondary School) which was opened in 1952.  It looks much different to what it did when I was there some years later.   I was in the academic stream, but was distracted by sport and Girl Guides and while I did well, not well enough.  My teacher told my mother that I would be best working in a factory!!  However, I did pass all 8 subjects in my state exams.

I left and went to Adelaide Girls High School where I did a “commercial” course.  Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Typing.  It was here that we used Remington typewriters – and only those who have had the experience learning on these monstrous machines can understand the frustration of making a minor mistake and having to start all over again!!  I did well at my studies there and worked in various offices when I left school.  Until I decided to be a nurse.

It was some many years later that I came face to face with a keyboard again.  I bought a computer – as much as anything to write.

Grateful that I can type.

I am so grateful that I learned to type!!!  It makes my fingers clip across the keyboard at great speed and allows me to put down many more words in a short time than most people.  Hence my high scores in Grammarly.

Of course, now I have a modern computer – actually, I use a laptop all the time, and I know I get copious words down.  I know for the many blog posts I do that I need to write more than 300 words.

For Weekend Notes, I don’t need to write that many words, though it is good if I do, but I still use my fingers to clip around the keyboard and the various programs to download photographs and more.

Whatever I write is checked by Grammarly.  Even as I write this Grammarly is doing its work, and giving me a report – letting me know that it thinks I have made 4 errors.  I did. I have now fixed them.  Thanks to Grammarly.


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