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I am often asked about the image on my business card and the words “Bamboo Fan”.  It makes me laugh, and I am always happy to explain.  To be honest, I didn’t have a good opinion of bamboo some time ago.  Like many of my contemporaries, I had learned that it caused problems in gardens.  It had a life of its own and grew where it wasn’t supposed to – spreading at an alarming rate at times and defying all efforts to kill or remove it.

In 2008, I went to live in China.  I had been offered an opportunity to teach English there and jumped at the opportunity.  I learned that the Chinese love their bamboo and use it in ways, that surprised me.  I learned to love it – and at one stage did research on what items could be made from bamboo.

The building in which I lived in my three semesters in China was surrounded on 3 sides by bamboo.  A rather slender variety which was probably grown to hide the rather ugly canal from view, although, on one side, it was an attractive canal.

Bit by bit I learned how bamboo was used in different ways.  I was presented with a gift of hand towels and in commenting on the softness I learned that they were made from bamboo.

Now, in 2015, there are a lot of bamboos grown in gardens – both public and private, as gardeners learn the difference between the challenging varieties (running bamboo) and the easier to grow species (clumping bamboo) and I am forever seeing it growing in places that I had not noticed it before.

IMG_2769 IMG_2763


I had been a member of the Bamboo Society of Australia, though currently NOT a financial member, and I note that in September this year there is an international Bamboo Conference in South Korea.  When I learned of it today, I momentarily thought I should go – but as my passport is out of date and my bank funds are limited, I immediately dismissed the idea.

It will be held in Damyang, South Korea and sounds wonderful.  You can read about it here.

I did spend three months in South Korea and went so very close to this place, but I doubt I actually spent any time in this city.  I was never sure where I was!

Here is a video about the Bamboo Congress.


I love bamboo products and have an amazing collection of them.  I wear bamboo underwear, use bamboo towels, have bamboo chopping boards, a bamboo mouse, and so it goes.

Do some research yourself and then ask why we don’t use more of this amazing grass.

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