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New Laws in Victoria

As from the 29th June 2019, people who qualify because of their health will be able to be supported by Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws.  The rules are clear and should be of great benefit for those in the last months of their lives.  There are certainly many people who do not approve of the new laws, who believe that “killing” a human being is not right. I disagree.

Die a Good Death

As a former nurse, I have been with many folk in the last hours of their lives.  Most deaths have been quiet, with the patient talking about his/her impending demise as their life ends.  I have been honoured to be at some deaths. Sometimes I have spoken of it as being as amazing as being at a birth.  I know that sometimes doctors will give patients additional morphine or similar to get through to the end.  Some people have to suffer not only pain but the indignity of being unable to control their bodies. They have nursing staff wash them and do other things that are very uncomfortable for the patient. Everyone needs to be made as comfortable as possible and leave this world peacefully, so I am pleased to see Voluntary Assisted Dying laws changed in Victoria.

Animals are Treated Better

Sometimes I ponder the reality that animals can be euthenased but humans cannot.  I have seen too many people live their last days not only in pain but in the discomfort of lack of dignity.

It is a Choice (in Victoria)

People are protesting about the new laws on Voluntary Assisted Dying, but the reality is that the person seeking the services has to qualify.  Those who do not agree with the laws can choose to do nothing and let nature take its course.  I don’t see why people who disagree should make someone die in pain and without dignity.

The Trauma for Family, Friends and Health Care Workers

Often there are others for whom the death of someone is extremely traumatic, especially if there is not a peaceful comfortable end of life.  It is not easy, especially for a new health worker to deal with death, and family members do not want to or need to see their loved one die in agony.

The High Cost of End of Life Care

There is a high cost of caring for someone in the last days of their life.  In a hospital or at home, there are financial expenses.  While I am not saying one should end one’s life to save the health budget, I can see that it frees up funds to help someone who could live longer with the benefit of those funds.

Cemetery at Redcliffe


I will be pleased when similar laws are in all states of Australia. I will make death more dignified for those who need the services.

What do you think?

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