Preparing to Travel – Happy April Fools Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day

A Pinch and a Punch for the first day of the month.  And it is April Fool’s Day.  A day for playing pranks or practical jokes.  Usually in the form of information that one might tell a friend or post on social media.  Something that is not true, that might result in lots of laughter when it is revealed that it was not true.  Fake News perhaps?

It is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!  Am I a fool to start it again, when I have always failed to finish it?  Why am I adding further stress to my life?  I am determined to finish it – though don’t know if this time I will be able to do so.

Moving into Murtle

However, I am starting an adventure, which I intend to document, so why not start right now with the story.  Murtle (a name I did not choose and may change) is my campervan.  A Toyota Coaster, set up for camping.

Murtle, out the front of my unit.

I am excited and sometimes freaked out about what I have done.  I am downsizing big time, vacating my unit and spending the next few months or years living in the van.

It is well set up.  The van has two single beds, a toilet and shower and solar power.  I do have some issues with some things.

For a start, it is not easy to get into to drive, though I have made a few changes.  It is easier to get in the side door, rather than the driver’s side door, when I want to drive it.  The interior colour scheme I do not like.  “Hate” would be a better word to use. Again I am working on that.

I can drive it.  Yesterday I even put diesel in the tank – or one of them at this stage.  I have to learn everything.  Yesterday I had “lessons” on using the switches and knobs in the driving area.  Bit by bit, I am learning how to use various equipment in the van.  I have much more to go.

Over the next few weeks I will move into Murtle, and vacate my unit.  Is it wise to start my planning and writing on April Fool’s Day?  Oh, well, here goes with the Ultimate Blog Challenge too.

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