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My business card says "Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter." This website will focus on my writing - and the workshops I present. Workshops on Blogging, Marketing for Writers, and Life Story Writing.

More on Podcasting

Who is Podcasting? I have been busy reading articles about podcasting. My interest is to learn how many Aussie writers are using this technology to promote their work, their topic or their books?  Of the writers I know only a … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Why is it that when I lose something and then replace it, I find the original lost item? Continue reading

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Writers Exploring Podcasting and Filming

Recording your book – look at the different ways of getting your writing in the public domain.
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Pioneer Women Drivers in Australia

Women Driving Pioneers It is an accomplishment to drive around Australia, which I did on my own in 2012/13. Later I learned that some great women had done so much earlier.  I found in the Women’s Hall of Fame in … Continue reading

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The Stories about Cemeteries

The Home of the Dead I have sited many cemeteries in my travels around Australia.  There are many stories in these sites. As I was driving this afternoon, on my way to an appointment I heard some of a program … Continue reading

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Where’s the Architect?

Was there an architect? In December last year, I moved into a unit and a seaside suburb north of Brisbane.  It is a two bedroom unit, with ensuite off the main bedroom, the main bathroom with shower over the bath, … Continue reading

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The Taste of Fresh Fruit

Picking Fresh Fruit I can remember it well.  In Adelaide’s hot summer weather, when I was very young, the fruit trees that grew in our back yard suddenly ripened.  We (my sister and I) would have surreptitiously picked some before … Continue reading

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End of Life Planning

Be Organised We all like to be well organised.  So many of us plan our weekends, our workday, our children’s activities and so much more.  We forget to plan for the one event that is ultimately inevitable.  The end of … Continue reading

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Planning Safety for Seniors

Back Story Over the past few days, I have given great thought to the issue of safety for solo senior women and their safety.  I’ve talked with people and done research online.  As a result, I have some advice for … Continue reading

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Forgotten Senior Solo Women

How can we improve the lives of Senior Solo Women, those who have no family or close friends? With modern technology surely something can be done.

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