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My business card says "Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter." This website will focus on my writing - and the workshops I present. Workshops on Blogging, Marketing for Writers, and Life Story Writing.

My Whinge About Builders and Architects

I do wonder if architects are actually used in some building developments.  Would I be wrong in guessing that some developers use “draftsmen/women” instead of architects because it is cheaper? As these days I am focusing on suitable housing for senior/solo … Continue reading

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Not a Good Day. Nothing is Working for Me.

Thank goodness this didn’t all happen yesterday on my Birthday.  Yesterday, was a good day.  Certainly in comparison to today. I knew I had some issues to resolve, but I didn’t think it would be all that difficult. The Car … Continue reading

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WordPress WordCamp

What a big weekend!  I attended, no, volunteered, at the Brisbane WordCamp held at the QUT City Campus.   I drove up from the Gold Coast in almost record time (well, it certainly was record for me, as other trips … Continue reading

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A Biography Worth Reading

A Biography Worth Reading Just over a week ago, I visited the Wynnum Library to borrow some books.    I had not been in the new building, but had been a regular over four years ago at the old premises. … Continue reading

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A Visit to Murwillumbah

It was on my “bucket list” to visit Murwillumbah and go to the Tweed Regional Gallery. I especially wanted to see the Margaret Olley Gallery.  While living in Beachmere it would have been a two and a half hour drive … Continue reading

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How Many People Ignore Laws?

There’s no doubt that I grew up in a “different era”, and with a family that was Christian and law abiding.  I know times were different then.  I find the current behaviour of modern people very challenging. Laws Ignored. I … Continue reading

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I don’t recall whether it was China or South Korea that I “discovered” mochi, but I know I bought these delicacies in both places when I was teaching there. They are not regulars in Australian supermarkets, and I don’t go … Continue reading

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Thrifty – it’s a word that I don’t recall hearing spoken very much in recent times.  I suspect it is a word that is not used very much these days.  A search on Google found that there were pages about … Continue reading

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A Day Around Wynnum and Manly

I had one major task to complete while my son is away.  He drives a Mitsubishi Lancer which was recalled about a year ago, but he’s never found time to take the car in for the “repair”. So I booked … Continue reading

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On the Goldie

I have never been a great fan of the Gold Coast, Queensland.  I don’t mind visiting, but have seldom enjoyed staying here and wouldn’t live here. This week’s stay has not changed my mind.  I have only spent 3 nights … Continue reading

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