Back to the Real World

It is weird returning to “the real world” – though I don’t quite know what that is.  I am back in Brisbane, still living in Murtle, at the home of my daughter and her family, and trying to make plans for the next few weeks.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

First of all, I have calculated the mileage I did in my trek to Uluru and back.  In a way, it feels like more, but it appears I did a smidge under 7500 kms, in just over 6 weeks.

Around Winton

Again it was a rush.  I had the deadline to get to Mt Isa for the SBS project, and I had intended to return at a slower pace, but with all the mechanical issues, I returned faster – just hoping to get back safely.  Murtle did give me grief along the way and cost me some dollars, but I was lucky really.  With the various mechanics telling me different information, I was concerned that I would get an expensive fright from one of them.  In fact I got some scary predictions – but as each “expert” told me different things, I was not sure what Murtle might do.  I coaxed her along and spoke to her kindly and she performed well after the Winton mechanic did some work on her.

I had been through Winton before, but this time stayed 2 nights in the Tattersall’s Hotel caravan park.  It’s across the road from the hotel – which is a very busy place in the evening with many people eating either in the dining room or the seating along the footpath.

The Dining Room with its historical items.

The Crazy Bar – and two staff






Murtle’s Woes

When Murtle was at the Motor Repairers, I was sitting in the seats at the hotel – giving me a good view of activities in the workshop opposite. One of the staff came over to ask me a question – they tried to phone, but the phone didn’t ring.

When I saw Murtle back out of the building, and park next to the RACQ van I figured they had done their work, so wandered across, paid the bill and drove off to the Dinosaur Stampede exhibition.  All was well!!

I was confused – every mechanic that “worked” on Murtle gave me a different story.  Was it the electrics?  Water?  Oil?  Fuel hose?  Battery?  I’ve been told all of those and more.

She’s fine now.  I’ve not driven her since the return.  I am getting used to driving the Barina again.


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