My Bamboo Adventures

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Bamboo Fan

My business card announces that I am a “Bamboo Fan” – I love anything bamboo.!   I am known for my bamboo adventures.   In fact, I have spoken recently at some clubs on bamboo. When I travel I like to visit bamboo farms, shops, nurseries etc.

Bamboo Tourist Attractions

This morning I found an article about a bamboo tourist attraction in Japan, just out of Kyoto.  It is a famous place that I would love to visit –   You can read about it here. 

There are several places around the south-east of Queensland – nurseries mainly.  They are good as a tourist attraction, as they have great tunnels and gardens.

Bamboo Photo from

Bamboo Adventures Continue

I continually research the many uses of bamboo and love exploring/buying bamboo products.

My presentation is always about the uses of Bamboo – not how to grow it.  I do briefly talk about the number of species and the difference between clumping and running bamboo.

If you are looking for a fun guest speaker on an interesting topic, please contact me. I have a Powerpoint presentation and bring all my own equipment.

One sees a lot more bamboo growing these days – in fact, there are some very clever uses of it – as fences etc.


I was not initially aware of its flammablity.  Well, I knew it was like wood and would burn easily.  However, I have heard a few stories that are worth researching.  If anyone has a bamboo wall/fence around their house and a bushfire is headed towards the property, the bamboo adds a greater danger to the property.

Interestingly bamboo is used for the ceiling of the international airport in Madrid, but I was told that they had treated it to reduce its flammability.

Recently an event at a bamboo property in Queensland was cancelled as it was a very high fire risk day, and as hundreds of people were expected it was considered to be too high risk to continue with the event.  Also, to add to the risk, it is not only the bamboo itself, but the dried leaves that are often on the bamboo or on the ground below.

Currently, I am trying to buy some bamboo fabric, to make a bag to carry the items that I take when I do a presentation.  I have a collection of things to show how bamboo is being used.  Send me a message via the contact form.  I only do the talks around the Brisbane area.

One item I love (and I carry a sample to presentations) are the bamboo tea towels.  I have several and I get them from Pure Zone.

I get about three bamboo teatowels for around $10 from Pure Zone, and will drop by to get some more for Christmas gifts.

My Bamboo Journey continues.


Bamboo on Wheels from Jan Sturmann on Vimeo.

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