Bamboo seemed to jump into Di’s life after the first visit to China. It was where she observed the many ways it was used in that country.   The “grass” appeared to be so useful – and soon Di was taking photos of it in use. On her third visit, she was taken on a tour by the university. Up in mountains, she saw the amazing bamboo forests – huge stands of bamboo which was harvested and sold for all manner of creations.

In 2012 when Di had a major assignment of 20,000 words for one of the subjects for her Masters.  She originally was going to write about her time in China.  But she learned that her “critical friend” was also doing that topic.  She opted to research bamboo and write about it.  

She made a hasty visit to the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Library to borrow a pile of books on bamboo.  A few weeks later a trip to Bali to explore the growing and using of bamboo in that country.  It was a start of an amazing journey of discovery.  The assignment was completed, but the story is not.  Di continues to find amazing facts and uses for bamboo. 

Bamboo has gained much popularity recently and many products can be found in supermarkets and all manner of retail outlets in Australia.

Australia Zoo just north of Brisbane has an amazing collection of bamboo in its Asian/African area.  The Tiger enclosure is surrounded by many types of bamboo, and she has been able to take some photos, but with children (grandchildren during the holidays) it is not easy to focus on photography.


Bamboo at Kenilworth, Qld.


More Bamboo


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