Who is Eating Seaweed?


Seaweed is a popular food in Korea, though I do not recall seeing much or eating it in South Korea, other than on the outside of Sushi or similar foods when I was there.  I think it was in some soups that I ate.

It has become a popular food in Australia – and I see it in many food shops.  My favourite seaweed is a little pack of around 10 small snack size sheets, that I could get from Woolworths. I confess to eating far too many!!

Usually $1 a pack - on special often for 90c

Available at Woolworths Supermarkets in the Asian Food Section

Recently I discovered another brand which is very similar in taste, and comes in packs of 8, and works out much cheaper.  Some of Woolworth’s stores have them, but I have also found them in selected Asian Supermarkets.  (Woolworth’s are cheaper.)

Roasting my own Seaweed.

Recently it occurred to me that I might be able to save more money if I roasted my own, and I found a couple of videos on YouTube which showed how to do it.  I must say, I prefer my homemade variety.  I usually have some of the larger packs of seaweed for I do make sushi occasionally, so I had some to try.

The method above uses a frypan on the stove top to roast the seaweed, and I have tried that version, but the square seaweed does not sit well in my round frypan, so I put it in a pile, pushing down on the pile, and then pop it in the oven.  Apart from making it quicker and easier, I actually prefer the roasted in oven version.

I prefer to use just Sesame Oil too.

It is regarded as a superfood because of its nutritional benefits.

I know from buying it at the supermarkets that it is an extremely popular product – but not sure if this is because of the increase in Asian population in Australia, or we Aussies have just found it.

Try it!

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Where have all the manners gone?

What Manners?

I remember when there was respect for others.  My teachers were called Mr, Mrs or Miss.  I remember when I was a nurse, we never referred to those we worked with without their title.  Even if I worked with my best friend I’d call her Nurse ……  We were taught manners by our parents.  It was an important part of our learning.

These days there seems to be no courtesy at all.  For children to call folk senior to them by their first names has become the norm and I am not all that comfortable with that.  But it is more than that.  There seems to be a general disregard for courtesy.

Yesterday I was walking in the city (Brisbane) and there were so many incidents where I felt others were disrespectful.  Often the young ones are on their phones and they walk straight into you, and almost never say “Sorry” or similar.  If they are in a hurry, they push you aside.  (I note that many who do this are Asians, and I know that the Chinese don’t have consideration for others – just themselves.  And it was some of these that pushed me aside yesterday!)

Where are the Gentlemen?

I remember when men (gentlemen) would open a door for you – perhaps as you entered or exited a building.  Few do it now, though I have been pleasantly surprised by three occasions when this has happened recently.  I always stop and thank them.

Ladies and Gentlemen – we often heard those words when I was younger.  But the usage of these terms has diminished in recent times.

Manners appear to be lost now.  It’s every man and woman, or child, for themselves, with little consideration by many of anyone but themselves.

Selfish, Rude and 


I do find it surprising how many people (and I refer to my country Australia) seem to ignore the old rules of courtesy and manners, and how many seem to flout all laws (road laws, violence, theft, and more.)  Do young people get educated about the laws of the country at school?  Home?  Where?

A concerted effort is needed to ensure that everybody knows the rules of courtesy and the laws of the country.  Instead of focusing on all the bad things, let’s focus on teaching everyone about being and doing good.



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Goals for the New Year

New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year when some folk set their goals or New Year Resolutions for the following year.  It’s less than three weeks before the end of 2018, and so many of us set out to do great things in the year to come.  Or the years to come.

I’m still trying to catch up on things I need to do in 2018 (like send Christmas Cards) etc but for most of us it is a busy time anyway.  (I must, I must, complete sending the cards!)

New Beginnings

As it turns out my 2019 is going to be fun and busy.  I move into my new abode at the beginning of the new year.  A new suburb, new apartment, new neighbours etc.  I am quite excited about it, especially as I have been moving so much recently.  I do hope my house sitting days are over.  I’m keen to settle.

My writing goals will weigh heavily in 2019 – and I think the new abode will be a good place to write.  And there’s a library nearby where I hope I can find peace and quiet to flutter my fingers over the keyboard and update my work.

Swimming is high on my agenda.  There is a pool just a short walk from my apartment – on the premises, so I expect to cool down, relax, do water aerobics and generally have fun in the pool.

Ride my Bike

My electric bike has been neglected, but I have just had it serviced, in preparation for riding around the new area.  There are so many bike paths to explore – much more than where I have been living recently.  I’ll strap my camera on and travel around.  There are so many water views, mangrove trees, strange sand shapes, and much more.

Seaside near the Spit

On the Gold Coast

So my list of goals is BIG – but do-able I think.  A trip to China?  Maybe.  Publish a couple of books?  Yes, that’s the plan.

Season’s Greetings to my readers and Happy New Year.  May 2019 be a happy one for all.

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My New Abode

No more No Fixed Abode

After house-sitting for nearly one and a half years, I’m ready to give it up.  No more packing up, cleaning up, moving out, moving in, getting to “know” the new abode.  I’ll be moving in after Christmas and staying put.

I will be moving into my new abode – a new apartment – on the fourth floor of a new building, near the waterfront of Deception Bay.  It’s only a short distance “as the crow flies” from my old address, but a longer distance by road.

The rental contract is signed and the bond paid – I just have to wait until just after Christmas to move in!

Christmas Party – Meet and Greet

On the day I signed the lease, the property manager told me about the Christmas Party and invited me to attend.  And so I did.  It had already been a busy day but I made my way to Deception Bay after my other appointments.  I had time to explore a little too.  Driving around the waterfront, I was getting my bearings and investigating the area.  I found the library – I had been there a few years ago.

The party started at 6 pm, and I was one of the early attendees at the Party – but got to meet quite a few folk, including some lovely ladies who live there alone.  I didn’t eat dinner with them – in fact, left after nearly 2 hours.  Earlier I had been to lunch so didn’t need to “top up”.

The Property

The units were only completed in the last 12 months.  They are a short walk from the beachfront.  Not a good swimming beach, but a great place to walk and ride, take photos and enjoy the scenery.  There are mangrove trees along much of the waterfront, and when the tide is out there’s a long walk to the water – which is very shallow.

There are three buildings in the complex.  All four stories high.  The ones on the ground floor have a small yard and garden.  There is a community area with BBQ, toilets, grass area and swimming pool.

Each building has a life (elevator) so it is suitable for seniors and disabled.  There are couples and singles living on the property – and it appears to be a very friendly community.  There’s even talk of a community vegetable garden too.

It is pretty much the sort of property that I have been promoting in SoSeW – co-housing for solo senior women.  I think it is a strange coincidence that I have found this property and am moving in.  So much to learn from the experience I think.

What I learned.

The property is managed by a young man, who is clearly liked and respected.  I would love to know more about him, and I guess I will one day, but he’s a guy that is open to new ideas.  Many folk own their units and others, like me, are renters, where the owner has invested in the property.   With a friendly manager on site, there are not a lot of problems that can’t be solved quickly.

As I returned home to my house sit last night, I was more excited about moving in.  It has so many similarities to cohousing.  I can’t wait to show my friends who are interested in the co-housing model.  Perhaps I can get something going through my connections at the property.

I am looking forward to riding my bike around the many bike paths that are in the area of my new abode.

Cycle at D'Bay


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Gender Discrimination – Names

What’s your title?

There are just so many ways women are discriminated against.  I’m going to sit down one day and write a list.  This topic will be included.  First of all, a question?   Does anyone refer to women by their “title” – when was the last time you heard someone called Mrs….., Miss……….., or Ms………….?  For some reason, those titles have gone out of fashion.  I don’t recall the last time someone wanted to use one of these to me. (Note: I’ve heard that few people ever use Ms because they don’t know how to say it or use it.)

Today, when getting a quote for insurance, I had a choice of these three titles, and a few others, Brother, Sister, Doctor and Mr.  Maybe one or two more.  I tried to copy and paste but the site wouldn’t let me do that.  What irritates me is that women have to indicate their marital status.  Miss, Mrs or Ms.  Blokes, unless they have some formal title (e.g. Dr, Professor, etc) just put Mr.  Why does this still continue when the titles are seldom, if ever, used?

Gender discrimination

One title for men, and three for women, giving their marital status. What the……..?

Memories, Sister.

I was a nurse once upon a time, quite a few years ago.  We ALWAYS addressed each other by our titles.  Nurse, Sister, Doctor.  Even if you were working on the same ward as your very best friend, if you were caught using her first name (there were no guys when I trained s I can use “her”), you’d be admonished.   Now in hospitals, it tends to be first names used all the time.

How are Letters Addressed?

Australia Post does not deliver as many letters to the household letterbox these days, as most communication is now done by email. I’ve just checked the mail of the lady who lives here (and I am house sitting for) and though there is only a small collection of mail, guess how it is addressed?  Most with no title, and also two different titles – one with Miss and the other with Ms.

So what is the point?  Why can we have a universal title like men do?  Or why don’t we drop them altogether, except where Sir, Lady, Dr, Professor etc is appropriate?  Why is our marital status of importance?

What do you think?




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House Sitting Ends – A New Home

Solo Decision Making

One of the challenges of living alone, means that you don’t have that partner to discuss various issues.  You have to make most decisions solo.  Now, I know I have been known to say that I don’t miss the arguments, or confusion as one finds it difficult to both agree, but it is good to have a second opinion most of the time. “Two heads are better than one”.

I’m just “over” house sitting.  Packing up and moving every few weeks, getting to know a house and become familiar with everything.  Even sorting out keys can irritate me!!  Anyway, I decided to give up house sitting.  I am getting too old for it, too!  Not communicating/knowing neighbours etc.

I did try and involve my family in some of the decision making – and I went to see some of the places they “found for me”.   In the end, I made the decision solo.  All by myself.  It is a move closer to them, but still some distance away.  The closer to both of my offspring, the higher the rent.  Too much.

The Lease is Signed

I hope I have done all the necessary research, for yesterday I signed the lease.  It’s for 12 months.  The unit is on the fourth floor, but has a lift so I won’t have to manage stairs.  It’s a brand new unit so everything is clean and unused.  It is a small space but with two bedrooms and two bedrooms, a small balcony and a reasonable size kitchen, dining, lounge area.

The property is very close to the beachfront, though it is not a swimming, playing time seashore.  Luckily there is a swimming pool on the property.  It’s handy for a lovely walk or bike ride, and the major shops are not far away.

No, I don’t have any photos yet.  That will have to wait.  It was pouring with rain when I went yesterday.  Maybe next week.

As I am house sitting here until the end of December, I have arranged for the lease to start on December 21st, so I am likely to move in around December 27th/28th.

I will be going to the Christmas Party in a couple of days time, so shall see if I can take a few pics then.  Oddly enough it is not far away from where I live now – as the crow flies.  If there was a boat across the river it would be quick, but one has to go the long way around. (If you see the words Deception Bay around the middle of the map and immediately north, with a blue dot and a yellow one – that is Beachmere.  I’m moving to DBay!)



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Strange Things Happen

Strange Co incidence

For me, it started with a strange message.  Someone I met at Ross River, near Alice Springs for the Rolling Solo Camp in August 2017, sent me a message.  She was in hospital not far from where I live, and the lady in the next bed, was another lady I knew.  The two women would not normally have met up.  I’m yet to learn how my name came up.

Anyway, this lady, whom I will refer to as G, was just making contact.  During our messages back and forth,   G, made a comment that really surprised to me.  She made reference to an event which happened after I left Alice Springs.  I smiled when I saw the words – for H must have told G.  Funny, that two folk, whom I don’t think knew each other until the hospital visit, could share this story!

Hospital Visit

As it turns out G has had some surgery, as has H, but G will be recuperating not far from where I live. I made vague arrangements to visit – but she will be in hospital for another week.  Then I realised I was going to be not far from the hospital today, so I have arranged to visit both of them.

In the outbac

I travelled to Alice Springs in Murtle the Turtle

I met G briefly.  She is a lady who lives much of her live in a wheelchair, and travels Australia in a campervan.  Amazing that she can do that.  I so look forward to catching up with G and H today.

No doubt we will talk about our brief meeting at Ross River Resort in 2017, with 499 other ladies who travel around Australia in vans, cars etc.

Have you ever had a similar co incidence?


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How do I address you, Lady Di?

And your name is?

Can I really call myself Lady Di?

I’ve had a couple of funny experiences when I have to give my name on the phone.  I usually call myself “Di” – short for Dianne.  Most of my friends call me Di, so that’s the way it is, but apparently, when I say it on the phone, it is not easy to comprehend.

So, a few times I have said, “Di, as in Lady Di.”  Mostly there’s no great response as the person, “gets it”.   On one occasion, years ago, I was speaking with someone in the US and said this, and for some reason, he thought he was speaking with the outstanding Lady Di.  It was before her untimely death.  I remember the seconds of silence and then heard him tell others that he was talking with Lady Di.  I had to laugh.

How do I address you?

So last Friday evening, the phone rang and a voice asked to speak with Lady Di.  I chuckled quietly to myself and said that she was.  A brief silence followed.  Then she asked, “How should I address you?”  I nearly choked as I chucked.

“You may call me Di or Dianne.” was my reply.

However, she chose to continue with “Lady Di”.  It was a representative from a major publishing company in the US wanting to know if I have a book ready for publication.  I wish.

Photo by César Viteri at Unsplash.com


I often think that I should write with a pseudonym – maybe I should write as Lady Di? I wonder how much trouble that would get me into?

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Speaking of Obituaries

My Interesting Topic

I’ve spoken at two writing events about Obituaries.   I met up with some of the attendees beforehand who asked me what I was going to speak about.  I’d laugh and say “I bet you are dying to find out what my topic is – you’ll have to wait!”

How many of us have had a family member pass away, and the family has a stressful time getting the right information.  It’s hard to prepare for the Eulogy or perhaps the Obituary, when everyone is grieving.  (Though in Australia Obituaries are few and far between. )

Prepare – Write it before the death

My goal is to encourage people to write the Advanced Obituary of their family members or friends, as well as write their own Advanced Obituary.  An Advanced Obituary is one that is written while the person is alive.  It is something newspapers do – for significant or famous people.  Most major newspapers would have many files of key people and it is the Obituary Editor’s task to keep them up to date.  So when the person dies, it is just a matter of completing the final paragraph.  Finishing with when and how they died, and what family members are left behind.

I have prepared mine and I do update it.

tomb stone surrounded by flowers

Photo by Anton Darius – Unsplash.com

These days more people are opting for a cremation rather than a burial – for often the cost of the burial, and the upkeep of the graveside is high.  Without a burial and gravestone, there is no evidence of the person, so an obituary which is submitted to one of the places that keeps them forever is helpful.

One place is Heaven Address

Check it out.

I also like to make my talk more fun, so often talk about funny obituaries too.  Makes it all less serious.


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A Walk on the Beach

The Beach at Low Tide

Yesterday was a beautiful day – and late in the afternoon, I decided to go for a walk on the beach here at Beachmere.  The beach at low tide is generally a spectacular sight.  I am currently house sitting in a unit which is right on the beachfront, but stairs are useless. They were not well constructed, and are not safe to use, so I walked around to Main Street to access the beach.

Beachmare at low tide

Beachmere beachfront at low tide

I used to walk on the beach frequently when I lived in town, but I’ve been away for a while.

It was interesting to see the many changes along the beachfront, the new/upgraded houses, and work was done to protect the houses from the rising tides.  It’s a beach that few people other than locals see.  It is really beautiful at low tide.

Thousands of tiny soldier crabs live on the sand

Soldier crabs on the march.











Marching Soldiers

The soldier crabs are everywhere at low tide.  Children have a lot of fun with them.  they chase them – and sometimes the crabs just dig a quick hole in the sand and disappear.  One can pick them up, but expect a nip!

Beautiful sand patterns

Patterns on the sand













There are wonderful houses fronting the beach. Million dollar houses actually.  Yesterday several folk were sitting out on chairs with wine, cheese and nibbles with friends.  A cool breeze wafted around making it really pleasant.  Sadly the property where I am house sitting, though right on the waterfront, does not have access to such space.

Low tide on the waterfront

Right on the waterfront











What can you see?

At high tide, it is also possible to walk along the beach – but generally, it is best at low tide.  there are all sorts of things to be seen in the sand or the pools. There are all sorts of things to see – seagulls and other birds, dead jellyfish, sea shells, seaweed and more.

You can fish – but high tide is best.  There used to be seats in the water, for some fisher folk, but they have been washed away.

A forgaing seagull.

A Seagull wades in the water – no doubt looking for things to eat on the sand.










A wading plover

A plover wandering the pools











It is not a beach that entices swimmers into its waters – for a start, the water is very shallow and one has to walk a long way out to get the right depth for swimming, and there are plenty of jelly fish and other creatures that discourage folk from getting in the water.  Paddling is fine.

Nasty jelly fish

A deceased jelly fish



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