Tiny House or Campervan?

Will I move into a Tiny House?  It is actually a Campervan – but I will probably call it my Tiny House.  It’s current name is Murtle – Murtle the Turtle, but I am not keen on that.  Still, I have promised to keep the name Murtle.  I might just call it M.

Perhaps I should call it Murtlebus – for it is really a converted bus.   The photo is not of Murtlebus, but of a similar type of vehicle.

Moving into a Tiny House/Murtlebus

It may be that during this coming week I will become the proud owner of Murtlebus. Then move from the “comfort” of my 3 bedroom expensive duplex into the campervan/bus.

How long will I last?  Not sure.  Those who know me know that I am somewhat of an adventurer, having travelled solo to China, South Korea, UK, and Ireland.  I have driven around Australia.  I am hoping I have another 12 – 18 months of travel in Myrtle.  We will see.

Hopefully, it will be considerably cheaper than the duplex – and I know I can use time which now taken up with mowing lawns and house work, on writing.

The plan is to move out of the duplex by the end of April, store all my surplus stuff and see what happens.  I will try a few short weekend jaunts, perhaps with friends from Rolling Solo while I work on the Co-housing project too.

Perhaps will visit Brisbane and the Gold Coast more often to see grandchildren and friends.  I will have a few short trips from Beachmere to test myself in the bus and learn how to manage it.

It August I am due to go to Alice Springs for a camp with 500+ members of Rolling Solo – many in motorhomes, campervans or tents.  I have determined my route to Alice Springs, but still thinking about the return journey.  Most likely I will go to Adelaide from Alice Springs and return home via Burra and Broken Hill again.  Still working it out.

Will it look different?

I wonder if the yellow fields will be as lush as they were in September 2016?

Yellow Fields around Burra

Old ruined homes around Burra







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