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Remembering Almonds

Remembering Almond Trees I have wonderful memories of our almond trees. Sometimes I feel very special, because I grew up in a semi-rural area (despite being in the suburb of a city), post-war, when we grew much of our own food … Continue reading

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A Biography Worth Reading

A Biography Worth Reading Just over a week ago, I visited the Wynnum Library to borrow some books.    I had not been in the new building, but had been a regular over four years ago at the old premises. … Continue reading

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In the Van

I’m in the van for a couple of weeks, learning bit by bit about how to live in it.  I had hoped to be more practiced by now, but an opportunity to do some house sitting changed that.  I have … Continue reading

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Eeek!!! No Internet!!

Eeek.  No Internet coverage. Well, it has been a busy week in more ways than one.  Crazy really as I have been unable to get on the Internet which made life more difficult.  Even going to Macca’s, or the local … Continue reading

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The Domineering Man

He was such a rude and domineering man, who sat nearby and bullied his wife. I went to a sporting event yesterday, where Number One Granddaughter was performing. I arrived early as I was at a nearby function and had … Continue reading

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Writing Letters – How it helps the Brain!

When did you last write a letter? There was a very interesting article in the local weekend newspaper about the value of writing letters. In fact, the article suggested other writing tasks which would help the brain. Why Write? I … Continue reading

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