Chinese Ceremony

Do you like ceremony?

Chinese Ceremony of any sort impresses me.  They have many ceremonies in their culture. As some of my readers will know, I lived and taught in China way back in 2008  and 2010.  I just so loved the experiences I had.  I was fortunate enough to visit Beijing and X’ian, as well as regular visits to Shanghai and Hangzhou as well as many places in the region.

It is very difficult to explain my love of many aspects of Chinese life.  I had good times and not so good times, as I endeavoured to comprehend the quite complex culture of the Chinese.

I was fortunate to visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing and would love to have had the experience of attending one of the major military events there.  Because I love ceremony.

Occasionally I spend time watching Youtube videos of the amazing Chinese military ceremonies.  The precision always impresses me.

Watch the Female Soldiers March in a Chinese Ceremony

If I watch other military events, including Australian, it is hard to find any other country whose military marches with such precision. I always find it mesmerising.

The above video I found on Youtube.

It is incredible.  I could spend a lot of time watching it.

Do you like watching goose-stepping?

I love watching the goose-stepping marching. I think you have to be very fit to do it for long periods.  I know that all participants are measured so that they are almost identical in size (and shape) as the person next to him/her.

Korea (both North and South) also train their military to be precise.

The following video is a bit cheeky – but the marching is worth watching.  At least or me.

In the major events in China and I think the Korea’s,  the audience get involved too — not marching but with precision coloured items that help create an amazing scene.

Oh, how I would love to be in Tiananmen Square for one of these events, but I suspect there is a lot of waiting and with such huge crowds it would be a challenge even to get there – and they probably wouldn’t let me in.

Enjoy the videos.

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