Cold Nights in the Van

It has been a cold few weeks – but it is winter.  I have managed in the van without too much trouble.   I have two hot water bottles, so they are my saviour, though I only use one at a time.

Creating my Bed

Getting my bed organised has been the biggest issue.  The two narrow beds on either side of the bus are too narrow for me, and the bedding falls off me.  That makes me cold!!  But I can’t easily turn over without dislodging the bedding, or banging my head on the side of the “cupboard”.

I had tried one way of doing it with the timber across from one side to the other, but I didn’t like that either.  It was a pain to put together every night and took up too much space.  However, I eventually worked it out and sleep across, but only use one of the timber pieces.  It’s quicker and easier than with the two pieces, and it works.  Hurrah!!  Just one hot water bottle protects me from the cold!.

House Sitting on the Gold Coast.

I am not in the van now.  I’m on the Gold Coast.  My son flew out to Finland this morning, and I am in his unit at Southport – caring for tropical fish and on some days, two grandchildren.  The unit is very cold too. Almost as cold as in the van.

Today I had a few tasks to do.  I went to Paradise Point.  It is a while since I have been there.  There are so many houses on the islands these days.  Luxury living in that area of the Goldie.

South of Paradise Point


Bridges over to Islands near Paradise Point

It is cold here and last night I was cold in the unit.  There is a heater, but I chose to go to bed.  The television has broken down.  So no TV at all.  I have one in my van so will get it tomorrow.

While at Paradise Point I saw a lady fishing.  I thought she might be a Roller as there was a motorhome parked nearby, but she lives in the area.  She said her dog loves fishing too.  He’s very funny.  He likes to eat the first small fish caught.  He only gets one and eats in whole within seconds.  Funny to watch.  Then he just enjoys watching the lady fish.

The dog must sit before getting “his” fish.






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