Companion Dogs

Dachshunds – my kind of companion dog.

I do miss my dogs. Maybe one day I will have a companion dog again! For years we had miniature long-haired dachshunds in our lives.  I loved them.  I would love to have one, but my lifestyle at the moment would make it really challenging to manage a dog.

Cute dacky

A Dachshund from




 Companions for Disabled Folk

However, I was pleased today to see two dogs – companions to different people with disabilities.

I was on my way to the library – it is cooler in the air conditioning and I could write in comfort.  On the way, I noticed a lady in a motorised wheelchair, with what looked like a little step on the side.  There, standing was a tiny dog.  A bitzer I’d think. A bit of this and a bit of that.  She zoomed along the pathway, and the dog looked quite comfortable in its spot.

I headed towards the waterfront and watched for a while as people walking along the pathway. Some with dogs, and others without. It is a beautiful hot summer day here, and people were out getting their exercise.

There was another companion dog – and I wish I could have found a park and been able to ask if I could take a photo.  A man in a wheelchair was wheeling his way along the beachfront path, and beside him was a beautiful white husky-like dog.  It was so white and beautiful and clearly keeping a close eye on its human.

It made me smile.  Maybe one day I will see them again and perhaps get to stop.

Dogs really are amazing companions – we had so much fun with ours over the years and some success in showing them.  Whenever I am out walking and I see someone walking with a dachshund I have to introduce myself and pat the dog (with approval!).  I do miss ours.

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