Corrugated Iron – part of Australian History

I love corrugated iron and especially love the old buildings – often nearly falling down, scattered around Australia – all part of our history.  It is such a versatile product – but in early days was used to build sheds and for the roofing of houses and other buildings.  I have quite a collection of photos of these old buildings.

History of Corrugated Iron


In need of repair


How is it standing?


Not only the roof of corrugated iron but windows barred with it


Part of the roof gone


Could be renovated?

There certainly are some stories in these buildings, and I am sure many are documented by the local history groups.  Building such as these are scattered all around the Australian landscape.

Corrugated iron is becoming more popular in modern buildings – I’ve seen houses and particularly, fences made of this material and I personally would love to live in a house made with corrugated iron – though not in the same manner as some fo the images above.

I will make a point of taking photos of more modern uses of corrugated iron – which I might add is much better quality than that used in some of the buildings above.

I’d like to see corrugated iron as a feature – and not necessarily used for the total build.

The material is available at many sources these days, Bunnings, Stratco, and many other companies and is even available on Gumtree.

I am not sure how I can use it in my present address,  but will consider some options.  I would like a garden bed, but as I am considering moving, it is not high on my priority list at the moment.

I will just keep taking photos.



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