Driving through the Glass House Mountains

I went to the Glass House Mountains yesterday to visit a friend. It was a great day, for several reasons, which I will explain.  There were 7 of us at a lovely property, right next door to a big pineapple plantation.

It’s a Small World After All

While having coffee and wonderful food, I asked one of the ladies some questions.  I found that she had been a nurse and quite coincidentally did her training at Mt Gambier Hospital, where I did mine.  She started around the time I left, so there were quite a few people that we both knew.

Then she said that she came from Bordertown – a South Australian town on the border of Victoria.  So I asked that her about someone I knew, who had lived at Bordertown, and quite amazingly they knew each other.  Small world, isn’t it.  We all live in Queensland now.

I Remember Vecchio’s at Glass House Mountains

Afterwards, I called in at a new Cafe, with a camera, and took quite a few photos, with the intent of writing an article for WeekendNotes.com.  It is a delightful place in the Glass House Mountain area.

Pineapple Farm

The Cafe was formerly Vecchio’s – one of the popular produce places along the Steve Irwin Way – not called Fresca, and along with all the cafe products, also sell fruit and veggies, but nowhere as many as they once did.

The Highway, was once the main road from Brisbane to all parts north before the new highway was created.  Some of the businesses that were there way back in the 1960’s and 70’s still exist.  One of them, of course, was Vecchio’s, and another was a huge chicken place called Mountain View.  In all the years of going back and forth along the road, I had never visited before.  I learned that one has to order fresh chicken meat at least the day before.  I could have, would have, bought a frozen chicken – if I had room in the freezer at the house at Sandstone Point.  There’s barely room for an egg!  But one day, I will order first.


The drive also brought to mind the fact that when we arrived in Queensland, there were many tobacco farms in the Glass House Mountain area.  I found an interesting article about the history of tobacco growing in the area.  It’s worth reading – check it out here.

Some of the farms I recognise, as being a tobacco farm all those years ago.  The industry closed down in 2006/7.

Other farms along the way were big pineapple farms – there are still some around, but many less than years ago, as much of our pineapples are imported now.  There are other fruits etc grown in the area, but nowhere near as much as it used to be.

Tourist Spots

These days the area is a popular tourist spot, with the amazing Glass House Mountains, and of course Australia Zoo, where Steve Irwin’s family continue to run the zoo following his death in 2006.  There is a lot of history around the area too, and I do enjoy visiting this part of Queensland.

Local Produce


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