Eeek!!! No Internet!!

Eeek.  No Internet coverage. Well, it has been a busy week in more ways than one.  Crazy really as I have been unable to get on the Internet which made life more difficult.  Even going to Macca’s, or the local library to use their Wifi didn’t work.  Just had to breathe….  Anyway, back on now.

Monday was interesting.  I had an appointment with an Ophthalmologist – some suspicion that a lump on my eye was cancerous.  (It isn’t!), and I met a friend for lunch before the appointment.  It was on leaving that I had some drama.  The exit of the car park at Westfield has no instructions.  One is supposed to know how to get out safely.  I didn’t do it right, so the boom gate came down on my car, smashing the bonnet.  It is a long, long story, but I am endeavouring to get Westfield to admit liability because there was no instructions – not one word – about safely departing from the park.  My battle will continue at least for a while.

I had expected to have some writing time during the week – and did a little, but not what I had planned.  I have spent some time on the phone to insurance companies, crash repairers, etc. and the shopping centre trying to solve the problem of my damaged car.

Also, I had to pick HIH up from hospital on two occasions. On the Friday, after picking him up, we went to the Gold Coast to see our son.  Later on, we were to see the performance of Fame by the Southport High School, and our grandson was one of the cast.  It was an awesome performance by some very talented kids.

I have to confess that, though I know some of the songs, I had never seen the film or the show.  (Clearly, it is not the Southport team at work in the video below, and I am sure you know the song.  Enjoy).

On top of that, my Helo arrived.    I had been waiting a few months for this amazing tool to arrive.  What is a Helo?  Check it out.  If you want more information about it let me know.  Send me a message at di  at or via the contact page.   Click here for a quick overview.

It took me a little while to get it going – in part because there is tiny writing in the instructions, but all is well now.

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