End of Year, Beginning of New Year

It is almost the end of year 2017.  Time to reflect and plan the beginning of a New Year.

House Sitting Again

I am house sitting at Clayfield – just a few short kilometers from the centre of the Brisbane CBD.  A short trip in a train from Wooloowin station.  Luckily I have a pool in which to swim – great for this time of year!  I am not sure if I will be house sitting at the end of the year.  Maybe something else will be achieved.


This house sit will end on February 9th, so I have plenty of time to write and read.  Lucky me.

Goals for 2018

I have already worked on my Goals and Plans for 2018, though still have more time to consider before putting them into practice.   Last year (2017) I really didn’t write/keep them for the last year, so have little to reflect on at the end of this year.   This coming year is different, I have  made a good start on plans for 2018.  I have decided to write in Penzu – the Journal Writing space, on a more regular basis.   Penzu is something I have used for several years, but regret that I am not consistent.  I started using Penzu in May 2010.  I highly recommend it.

My writing is going to be the focus of much of my time in 2018 – I have two novels that I would love to finish.  Mmm.  Can I?  Well, I am going to give it a good damn try!!

My Goals will not be made public – I am going to write them and in a year’s time check and see how well I have done.  I guess though, that anyone who reads my blog will get a good idea of some of my goals.

Agapanthus in Clayfield house.


I do wonder what 2018 will bring?  There are many things I want to achieve, so know what I plan to do, but wonder what the universe has planned for me. I wonder where I will be living.

My goal is to update this site/blog, on a more regular basis, and have already enrolled in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for January 2018, and I have booked to go to some WordPress Meetups too.

It should be no surprise to my readers that writing projects are high on my list of goals for the year.  I wonder if I can complete the three key projects that I have been working on?

Are any of my readers doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge?  Let me know.

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