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I am lucky.  One of my hobbies is photography and I have a wide range of photographs from my travels.  People often ask me if I have a favourite photograph, or even favourite place to use my camera.  I can’t answer that.  It depends.

One of my recent photographs was taken at dawn, not far from my home.  I live at Beachmere, which is about 50 kms north of Brisbane.  It is a seaside village, on the northern banks of the Caboolture River.  The area has considerable birdlife and a few kangaroos live nearby.  Sadly I have not been able to take many photos of the ‘roos, as they hang out in a place that is not easy to get to – narrow busy road.  But the beachside photos always impress me.

 Where I Live

Dawn over Moreton Bay

Sometimes if I wake early and there are some clouds about, I can hop into my car and drive to the waterfront.  With camera of course!  The above photograph was taken at dawn, and the one below is a view of the water at low tide.  Same spot.

Low Tide at Beachmere


One of the exciting things I like taking photographs of are reflection and I find so many places in China where there are canals.  Still water equals good reflections.  These photos were taken in 2016, when I visited during Spring Festival to attend a friend’s wedding.

In Cixi

Around Shaoxing

This is in Shaoxing.

I’d like to spend hours sitting on the edge of some of the waterways in China.  In some there are bamboo boats (Wupeng boats) plying their way around a lot of waterways.  Some times the canals are narrow and not easy to get a good image.  Sometimes though the reflection of the Wupeng boat is a key part of the shot.


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