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Saving Family Documents

I know everyone’s family has an interesting history, and over the years I have had a habit of saving family documents.  I’m currently trying to sort them out – and make them easier for my family to read and understand.  On one side of my family I can go way.  One of my ancestors was Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Watson.  (My maiden name was Watson.)

That was my father’s side of the family.  Another side of my father’s history were the Abbots, who came on the Buffalo to South Australia in 1836.  Also on the same ship, on the same journey were the Broadbents, who were ancestors of my husband.  I don’t know that I will ever get around to doing further research on these, but I have interesting information about them, and the Ragless family (my mother’s side) and the Goss family (my husband’s).

What Documents?

When I look through what I personally have collected, about me, it is quite considerable, including newspaper articles, letters, certificates and photos.  Mum’s include documents re family members deaths, wills, and more.

The above photo was taken in 1950, when I was probably in Grade 2 at Brighton Primary School, South Australia.   (I posted this on FB and most of my friends recognised me – the tallest were always in the back row, and I’m the only blonde girl in the back row.)

At the Commonwealth Games 1962.

This photo of my friend Judy Baker and I at the Commonwealth Games in Perth in 1962. It was in the Perth Newspaper, The West Australian.

My Mother’s Documents

Today I have been going through my mother’s documents, and have let a few tears flow.  Some extraordinary documents that go way back.  I have all her references from when she left her jobs way back in the early 1940’s, and newsletters she wrote to parents when she was the Guide Commissioner in the 1960’s.

But one I never knew she had was a personal letter from Lady Baden Powell, in the late 1950’s I think.

My Mother's Certificate

A certificate with the details of my mother’s Baptism (1917) and First Communion. (1930)


















One of my greatest fears is that my offspring and theirs will not have any interest in family history and when I pass on, may decide to destroy it all as “rubbish”.

My sister and her side of the family are not interested in family history. What should I do?

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