My First Attempt at Camping in Myrtle

My first camping venture out in the Toyota Coaster, known as Myrtle the Tyrtle, was not a success. It was Wednesday April 6th, 2017

Setting of on a Camping Expedition

I left Beachmere around 9 am to meet with other Rollers at Redcliffe.  Most were planning to go to Alice Springs for the event in August.  Great to meet with the other ladies – many of whom I knew by name only from Facebook.  After a coffee, chat and talk about Alice Springs and Safety, I departed for Beachmere, excited about setting out on my first adventure with Myrtle, my newly acquired Toyota Coaster.

Louann with her van,  was waiting for me when I arrived home, and I quickly put the last of my things into Myrtle and we set off.  I normally drive down the street to turn but followed Louann and sadly backed into a stobie pole, and damage the rear of Myrtle.

My Van Breaks Down

We set off and were quickly onto the D’Aguilar Highway, only 25 kms from home,  but minutes before Wamuran, a strange noise occurred and odd smell, and steam, (or was it smoke?) billowed from the dashboard.

I quickly pulled to the side of the road, stopped and leapt out of Myrtle.  Louann stopped behind me.  I phoned RACQ – not only had I failed to register Myrtle with them, but they don’t do such big vehicles!! They could though tow me to safety if they could find a big enough tow vehicle. Then I contacted the insurance company through the motorhome club I joined, but there were some issues there.

With Louann’s help we found that the radiator was empty, and we filled it with water and soon Myrtle started.  I drove the few kilometres into Wamuran and parked at a Repco motor vehicle repairer. That is where we met Seth, who was to be our saviour.  He found that there was one rubber (cable) broken.  So Louann and I drove into Caboolture in her van to get two as he was concerned about another.  We were rather surprised to learn when we were arrived that our new friend Seth had phoned ahead and they had the items waiting for us.

Louann’s Van Breaks Down

Seth’s Business in Wamuran

I paid, and we went back to Louann’s car to drive back.  Her car wouldn’t start.  So we got a mechanic and found out that it was her battery.  He jump started it and we headed back to Wamuran.  Seth was waiting and soon fixed Myrtle, but Lucy, Luanne’s vehicle needed help.  We managed to get to the car park just off D’Aguilar Highway and spent our first night “camping” there not on a grassy area – but the bitumen.   It was terribly noisy from all the traffic on the highway and we managed little sleep.

Somehow earlier, I had managed to bang my head on a high cupboard, and had a huge “egg” on my head which really did hurt, but luckily I had no concussion or headache.

The following morning Seth turned up and had another look at Louann’s van.  He thought he could fix it but we were to learn later that he would have to order some parts in and fix it on the Friday.  So we spent the day in Wamuran.  I Googled “what to do and see in Wamuran” and the answer came back “nothing”.  This time we had parked behind the Community Hall, handy to the toilets and there we stayed. We slept, ate and in the afternoon started on wine/vodka.  Not much, but hopefully enough to help us sleep as we’d not got much sleep the night before.

Camping? No.  Glamping No.

We had a good night’s rest and more sleep, but woke frequently as men visited the toilets.  We have laughed so much about it as they spend a lot of time there.  Alone.

Gave us a lot of laughs.  Right next door to where we were parked were friends of Jeanie, another friend of mine. e I went there to say hello and charge my phone.  Had quite a chat with Peter.  He was most interesting as he had been in the police force.

On Friday morning, Seth came and picked up Louann’s van so that he could work on it.  So we went for a drive to Woodford in Myrrle.  We walked around, visited a few shops and had a pie at JC’s pie shop, a very popular spot we discovered.   We returned to our park beside the community hall and toilets in Wamuran and both slept in Myrtle.  Then I did some long overdue work on a project that I needed done by the Saturday and Louann sat at the Men’s Shed and read a Women’s Weekly which she found in Myrtle.  (June 2016!).  I was keen to return home but chose to wait until she has her van back.

We had booked into Neurum Creek Park but never made it.  On the Wednesday we had high hopes of getting there, and on the Thursday slimmer hopes, but it was not to be.  I phoned them frequently to advise them of our situation, but by late Thursday let them know that it was not to be.

Thank goodness we both had a sense of humour, as we laughed about the whole adventure.  Louann returned to my place and had the shower she had been longing to have a Neurum Creek.  Maybe will get there on our next attempt.

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