Gardenia – a Little White Flower

Gardenia Fragrance

A little white flower, which in the evening sends out a beautiful fragrance – the Gardenia.  I do like these flowers, though sadly they don’t last long.  However, if the bush has plenty of flowers – the nightly fragrance will last for quite a few days.  Not only do you sense the fragrance late in the afternoon, but it lasts overnight and can also be around in the morning.

Gardenia at Wamuran


The Chinese do wonderful things with gardens and plants.  Some few feet away from the Gardenia was a garden full of rose bushes.  When we arrived there at the end of winter, it was hard to notice the roses – there were probably 20 rows of plants, but after the long winter, it was a little difficult to even see the leafless rose bushes.


But as the weather warmed up, and the bushes “came to life” and eventually flowered profusely, it was an impressive sight.

Rose Garden

I was always very impressed by the rose garden.  Sadly, when I returned to the university campus after a couple of years absence, I was shocked to see that the rose bushes were no longer there.

What remained was a rather sad looking garden.  However, the Gardenia hedge remained.  Perhaps it was the fragrance or the fact that the hedge required little attention other than a trim every now and then.


I’ve never grown them.  Perhaps when I settle down sometime in the future, I will create a wonderful Gardenia hedge and enjoy the evening fragrances.

Info on Growing.

Gardenia’s are not difficult to grow – in fact while they do well in the garden/hedge, they also do well in pots.  Click here for information about growing

So get a plant from your favourite nursery or plant store, and watch for the flower and fragrance at the beginning of summer.

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