I am going to Gaol

I am going to Gaol. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and of course, as I expected there were many comments.  Some folk wanted to know what I had done, other expressed concern, and quite a few guessed I was making a joke of it.

The truth is that I am going to gaol.  To the now closed Boggo Road Gaol, which is an historic building.  I have won tickets to go and write for Weekend Notes.

Sadly, later this year much of this historic building will be redeveloped for housing.  I am feeling lucky that I will see it before that happens.

Gaols are great Historical Buildings

I have a history of visiting Gaols around Australia.  I’ve lost count of the ones I have visited.

Images from Boggo Road Website

Adelaide, Gladstone, Burra, Geraldton, and others.  I am also familiar with the small lock up at the Caboolture Historical Village, where I have been a volunteer.  There are amazing stories from such places.  Yes, the old buildings can be spooky, but in the main I go during daylight hours.

I was planning to stay overnight in the one at Gladstone, South Australia.  It is a memory from my childhood of seeing the gaol  – not that I was ever IN the gaol, but I stayed in the small town  during school holidays with my aunt, uncle and cousins and we passed the old building occasionally.  I am glad I didn’t stay in it as it certainly appeared to be haunted.

In fact my tour guide, an indigenous man, would not go in certain places as the ghosts of his ancestors were there.  His stories certainly put me on edge and I was pleased that I was unable to contact the accommodation people to book.  I stayed in the caravan park.

Boggo Road runs a variety of tours – just go to the website and find out a time to suit you.  Boggo Road.

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