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My business card says that I am a writer, traveller and bamboo fan.  When folk read this they often ask what “bamboo fan” means.  They ask about my story with this amazing grass.  I start with the tale about living in China, amidst so much of it and loving it.  I enjoy standing around tall bamboo and listening to the noises that they make with the leaves rubbing against each other. Sometimes the canes clang if the wind is strong. When I learned how versatile bamboo is, how fast it grew, and other facts I found it crept more and more into my life.

House of Bamboo

I do have many items in my homemade of this amazing product.  Bamboo earrings,  sheets, bowls, towels, trays, clothing, and more.  These days as I am trying to downsize, I have to walk away from the new items that appear in the retail outlets. I have had it growing in my garden and plan to grow some more.

When I travel I often research to see if there are any bamboo places to visit.  I have visited bamboo farms in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.  In China, I like to visit places where it is grown and the places that have a special place in their Botanical Gardens to see this amazing plant.

 In 2012, I went to Bali to explore the market there and the houses at The Green Village where houses are made totally out of bamboo.


Something else I enjoy is watching the ABC program, Landline.  I usually watch it not long after midday on a Sunday. Last week I missed it.  I was in the city at a writing event, but I know it is always on the program’s website, so one can watch it later.

Today I tuned in to see what I had missed. Much to my surprise, there was a major story on bamboo, which included stories about Durnford Dart, from near Kenilworth in Queensland, who is a keen bamboo grower.  His daughter is doing very well with bamboo shoots and is selling them to caterers too.

There’s a lot of interesting information.  Do watch it – click here. 

Update – June 20th, ’19

Tomorrow I will be visiting Belli Park Bamboo Australia, which is on the way to Kenilworth, Queensland.  I have some books for Durn Darnford – returning some of his I have had for a while.

Will probably take a few photos and have a walk around his amazing property.

What do you have in your home that is made of bamboo?


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