My House-Sitting Journeys

UBC – Day 31

Discovering House-Sitting

House-Sitting saved me. Quite a few years ago, I learned about house-sitting and started to do occasional weeks here and there.  It was of interest to me while I studied (around the turn of the century), as I could study at any hour of the day or night without interruption.

It was later, when my marriage broke up, that I took it on enthusiastically as I had nowhere to live.  I did one year of house sitting in an inner-city suburb, and the following year, further out.  The latter came with a little fluffy dog – and we got on well, though I didn’t like him sleeping with me!

Back to Study

As I couldn’t find work I went back to university and completed a master’s degree.  Again, little interruption to my study and I managed to complete the study in less than usual time.

After graduation, I didn’t have a house-sitting job to do, so I drove around Australia – completing 45,000 kilometres in five months.  I stayed at a variety of places, often with friends or friends of friends, as well as in cabins in caravan parks and cheap motels.  It was a trip that I certainly will never forget.  We live in such a wonderful country and I was honoured to see so much of it.  There is of course much more to see!

The Rental Market

When I returned to Brisbane I took a break from house sitting and rented a lovely duplex at Beachmere, a seaside township north of Brisbane.  After four years, and with rents going sky high and with rather unfriendly neighbours, I moved into a 1983 Toyota Coaster. The day I was moving I was quite unexpectedly offered a house sit for 6 weeks, which I accepted.

Journey to the Red Centre

When time was up, I went off on an adventure to the centre of Australia.  I attended a camp for solo women travellers just out of Alice Springs, and then drove down to Uluru. I travelled 7500 kilometres in the bus, with a myriad of adventures, before returning to Brisbane to do some more house sitting.

Amazing rock formations in the centre of Australia - travelling not house-sitting

At the Devil’s Marbles, Northern Territory

That is what I am doing now, but this project comes to an end next week, so it is back to the bus for a few days, before another adventure.

My 1983 Toyota Coaster Home when not house-sitting

My Home on Wheels

I am part of an organisation looking at housing options for senior solo women, so I am travelling to London via Dubai, to research a wonderful project just north of the city.  Exciting.  Hopefully, we can help find a solution to the homeless problems here in Australia.

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