How do I address you, Lady Di?

And your name is?

Can I really call myself Lady Di?

I’ve had a couple of funny experiences when I have to give my name on the phone.  I usually call myself “Di” – short for Dianne.  Most of my friends call me Di, so that’s the way it is, but apparently, when I say it on the phone, it is not easy to comprehend.

So, a few times I have said, “Di, as in Lady Di.”  Mostly there’s no great response as the person, “gets it”.   On one occasion, years ago, I was speaking with someone in the US and said this, and for some reason, he thought he was speaking with the outstanding Lady Di.  It was before her untimely death.  I remember the seconds of silence and then heard him tell others that he was talking with Lady Di.  I had to laugh.

How do I address you?

So last Friday evening, the phone rang and a voice asked to speak with Lady Di.  I chuckled quietly to myself and said that she was.  A brief silence followed.  Then she asked, “How should I address you?”  I nearly choked as I chucked.

“You may call me Di or Dianne.” was my reply.

However, she chose to continue with “Lady Di”.  It was a representative from a major publishing company in the US wanting to know if I have a book ready for publication.  I wish.

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I often think that I should write with a pseudonym – maybe I should write as Lady Di? I wonder how much trouble that would get me into?

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