How do you De-Clutter at Christmas?

I have spent much of 2016 trying to de-clutter.  I live alone in a 3 bedroom apartment.  My plans are to move (for several reasons), and have spent a lot of time trying to downsize/declutter.  I don’t need 3 bedrooms, I don’t like my neighbours, and the rent is going up, and I am finding it difficult to mow the lawns on my own.

There is a lot of stuff at my place.  Which, from time to time I have a little giggle about, as some 8 years ago I had very little.  I had left my husband and had taken mostly smaller things.  It is easy to accumulate things when you (a) study, (b) are on several committees (c) do art and craft things and (d) do lots of things.

Clothing seems to have multiplied and I have gotten rid of some old things.  I have donated quite a few books and other items for charity, but have more to go.

One of my lovesis cooking so I have quite a few things in my pantry.  I used to be slighty amused when I visited friends and saw how little they had in their pantry!!  My love of  cooking and creating ensures my pantry contains a lot of things that “normal” people do not have.

Oh, the Clutter

For Christmas I declared that I did not want anything that lasted more than 3 – 4 weeks.  Luckily those that gave me gifts obliged.  The wine will not last that long.  The biscuits won’t last long.  The Candle – probably 4 – 6 weeks.

I am amused that in the US and Australia there are organisations for hoarders.  One is  called Clutterers Anonymous.  Another is Children of Hoarders.  It is a big problem I know.

And the journey continues.   It is a work in progress.  I have several boxes of items for the next Car Boot Sale!  Then they will be gone!  I am doing well.

I am at my daughter’s place.  There are two teenage grand daughters here.   Mmm.  They all love shopping so there are things everywhere.  To be fair, my daughter does try to declutter.

She keeps trying.  And so will I.

However, I am pleased to report that the gifts I received do fit into the category of not hanging around for a long time.  Great news.



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