In Excess

In Excess – well the famous band used initials INXS to create their name.  It was a great band  that went on to be one of the most popular groups in Australia in the 80’s and 90’s.  I was not a particular fan of their style of music, preferring classical music or jazz, but I did know about them and many of my friends were enthusiastic about them and their music.

That’s really not the focus of this post.  I’m rather focused on the excesses of so many people these days.  There’s a great element of greed and waste.

Greed?  Ok, so I am an oldie.  Senior, born post World War II, when things were very scarce.  We learned to live very frugally.  We would have had only one pair of shoes, and perhaps one pair of basic sandshoes etc.  It is hard to witness the excesses of current times.  The idea of having more than 10 pairs of shoes I find difficult to comprehend. I know many women, particularly younger ones have much more than that.  They pay more for them than I pay for a week or two’s worth of food!

I see young children – early teens with an impressive wardrobe of clothes and shoes, and a raft of “things” that are in favour for only short periods before they are discarded.  Perhaps donated to charity, but often (because it is easier) thrown out in the rubbish!

On many occasions, I have passed people’s  houses and seen toys scattered, uncared for, perhaps unloved in yards. Certainly deteriorating.  It is a throw-away society – many of the younger folk having far more toys and things than they can cope with.  Toys are played with for only short periods and no longer wanted.  Many things break and are discarded.

Our governments are having major issues dealing with all the rubbish!  What about the future?  I know some things are recycled – but a lot is not.

I have been in some homes and almost gawked at the things that children have in their homes.  Televisions, computers, toys, clothes, cosmetics and more.  I wonder what they have to look forward to?

Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is one place that a whole raft of “gadgets” live – and quite a few get cast out.  I remember when bread makers were fashionable.  Many folk (not me) had them.  I could make bread without a machine to help me, but rarely did as it is so much easier and reasonably inexpensive to purchase different styles of breads from a bakery.  I note many have not seen the light of day recently and many have been discarded.

To Discard or Keep?

I have never had a great deal of excess items for my kitchen, though I do have a few “casserole” dishes that are rarely used and some items that I have recently tried to sell at a Car Boot Sale because they were gifts, and were never much used, or not used at all.  I found it very hard to get rid of them.

However, I do have something that might find a home in a museum.  A biscuit cutter.


Ancient Biscuit Maker


(I will use it again one day, and them maybe donate to a museum).

Excess Rubbish

The statistics re excess rubbish in the world is startling.  Read here. 

It is something that we need to consider!!!

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