Does the Landlord Care?

Who is a Landlord?

A landlord is a person (male or female) who rents out a property to someone who pays rent for the use of the facilities.  The property can be a house, unit, accommodation, commercial property (offices, shops, warehouse etc), or land.  The landlord has many obligations in the arrangement, as does the person pays to use the property. There is usually a written contract between the landlord and the renter.  This details the conditions that the renter must adhere to and how much, how and when the renter must pay.

Who Rents a House?

People who do not have the funds to buy a house, unit or similar accommodation do so.  Generally, they do not have the finances to pay for a house.  They may rent while saving to buy a house, they may choose to always rent, or it might be temporary accommodation.  I know our family rented not only because we had limited funds.  My husband ‘s work meant that we were transferring from state to state frequently.

I recall with all the rental properties we had in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland we never had a problem with our landlord.  We seldom had problems with the properties.  It was not necessary to get any

on any of the properties that I remember.


white concrete building with balconies during day

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Who is the problem now?  Builders or Landlords?

We eventually bought a house.  Sometime later after I left the marriage, I was house-sitting for several years before I rented an apartment on my own.  It was a brand new, never been lived it, building.  There were many problems which meant I had to contact the real estate agent to get repairs done. I found that often I was not believed that there was a problem.  they always took a long time to do anything.  Even when I had a serious electrical issue the agent said it was fixed when it wasn’t.  No one even visited to check!


I do get the feeling that the standard of building has diminished.  I’ve written about the property that I am now in.  The building does seem to have some problems.  Perhaps very low-cost items were used in the build.  There are several things that were in need of fixing as I arrived.  They were never fixed.  It is clear looking around the building that there are already signs of some things have deteriorated.   The manager has not done any of the 3 monthly inspections, and nothing has been fixed.  I am currently looking for other accommodation!

There have been “stories” about the poor standard of recent buildings.  Is there a trend to poor quality builds? I don’t know.


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