Ultimate Time Challenge

I had high hopes of starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge on time and keeping up, and here I am starting late again, but it is turning into an Ultimate Time Challenge!

I am working on another site/blog, that I had intended to use.  But I have more work to do on it before it is ready.

Since moving to WordPress I have learned that I have so much to learn.  I do blog regularly and don’t have challenges finding things to write about. I like to learn more about the possibilities with this platform.

Why am I always struggling to keep up?  Because I do too much volunteer work essentially.  I am involved with three community organisations and my life involves many meetings, a lot of writing, and trying to fit in some social activities.  I write for WeekendNotes.com and also do content for the Caboolture Historical Village (though there are some challenges with this site at the moment).

Ultimate Time Challenge

Some of my friends at the opening of Peninsula Rail – Oct 4th, 2016  

You’d think on a long weekend I would have spare time. But I had so many events to attend that I was exhausted!  And not the strength to do anything on the Ultimate Blog Challenge!   For me it is the Ultimate Time Challenge.

So why am I doing the UBC?  A question that I ask myself!!  Still, unperturbed I will endeavour to catch up to some degree.  I will  keep on keeping on.  Not that I need a reason to write – I write more than 95% of Grammarly users on a regular basis!

I just love a Challenge.  Maybe I will have my other site ready by the next UBC – but then I may be back at University with more time management challenges!  That is if I find time to complete the complex process to apply to return to university and start a PhD.  What am I doing??

Ultimate Blog Challenge?  Ultimate Time Challenge!  Working on both!


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