Learning about the Van

I have had four consecutive nights in the van and am learning all the time.  Each day I remove some of the stuff I had in the van, including the Shredder.  Now, why would someone want a Shredder in a van?

Well, it was thrust in the van when I moved from the house in Beachmere. as we couldn’t find anywhere else for it, but all is well now and it is safely stored in the shipping container.

As I was packing up, I shredded a lot of paper and my vintage shredder died from overwork.  Darn.  So I headed off to Officeworks and bought the Rexel one.  Now this one, for around $140 is able to shred more paper easily.  In fact, I can put up to 50 sheets in the top and it will quietly go through them all, and not only shred them neatly but in small pieces than my old machine.

Now, I do not intend taking it on my trip to Alice Springs but will use it from time to time.

Meanwhile I have also learned about some things in the van.  I have found two light switches, so I can brighten up the van easily.  However I did buy a small “lantern” which is also useful – especially when I walk to the van at night.  Also bought a GPS, which also has Bluetooth, so I can talk on my phone.

So, bit by bit I am learning “the ropes” in the van.  Half of the new curtains are finished, and am waiting for the other three to be completed.

The bed situation has caused me some concern.  The single beds are narrow, and I wasn’t comfortable in them.  So I had to flat pieces of timber prepared with timber underneath to keep them “stable” and slept on that.  However, it takes up too much space and limits access to cupboards.

Last night I slept on the single bed, but with my feet towards the rear of the van, and it was quite comfortable.  I guess too, having the exercise mat underneath (first time I have used that) with the sheepskin cover, it made it comfortable.  Tonight I may test out another option I have considered.


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