My Huge Learning Curve.

It is a biggy!  I am way out of my depth even now.  My “new” coaster has been out the front of my unit since Sunday.  I am working through it – removing items that I don’t want, cleaning, and trying to work out where I will put my things.

My Learning Curve

It is a bit freaky as I know I have so much to learn and at the moment I am just getting the feel for it all.  I have no idea of how to use most of the facilities in the bus.  Gas? Diesal?  Lights?  Power? What to do in case I break down.  No idea.  Hence the big learning curve that I am on.  It is not a curve.  It is a steep ride.

My Murtle – Soon to be Home

A local gent has offered to assist me.   He and his wife have invited me to join them – they are going out in their motor home and I can join them.  I will at least for a couple of days.

I am mindful of the limited storage space, and the need to watch the weight of things. The storage unit I am about to organise may not be big enough to put all my things in.  Decisions.  Fears.

Purple Bed cover and Curtains

Today I will cover one of the beds with a purple sheet.  Yes.  Purple.  Those who know me are not surprised by that.  The curtains are a rust colour at one end of the bus and a sand colour in another area.  I will buy some dye and see if I can get them closer to Purple. It won’t be perfect but might look better than I think it does with the rust hue.  Can only try.

To Alice Springs

I am booked to go to Alice Springs – in fact, to the Ross River Homestead/Resort in August.  That is one of the reasons I bought the van.  I will have to get it all sorted ready for the journey which will take me all the way from Beachmere to the Alice.  Then on to Uluru and then perhaps to Adelaide, before returning home to Brisbane.

I had been to the Ross River Station back quite a few years ago, and have few memories of it.  I certainly wasn’t interested in photography then.  The video below will give you some idea of the local scenery.

I can’t wait to take the photos!!

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