Risking Arms and Legs on Dashboard in Cars

What are they thinking with their feet on the dashboard? Yesterday, I went with my daughter as she delivered her daughter and friend to a party.  On the way, we passed a car where the passenger was playing on her mobile phone, but it wasn’t that action that bothered us.

Dangerous Habit of Feet on Dashboard

It was that she had two feet on the dashboard – no doubt quite comfortable.

Except of course if there is an accident. What would happen if there was an accident and the safety airbags suddenly filled with air and thrust themselves towards whoever is in the front seat of the car.  It’s most unlikely that one would have time to safely reposition one’s self if there was an accident.  I can imagine some broken arms and legs would result.

Airbags may break legs, arms and cause head injury too if feet on dashboard.

Legs on the dashboard in a moving car is dangerous.

This blog post explains what happened when a US blogger ignored her husband’s warnings, and kept her feet on the dashboard.

I see it often.  Clearly, those who do it, have no idea of the risks they are taking. The lady  who wrote the above blog post ignored warnings.  Surely any sensible person would have some idea of the risks of doing it?

Arms out of Windows

Another dangerous driving habit is having one’s arm hanging out of the door.  Usually, it is the driver who does this, but I have seen passengers doing it – even to tapping on the roof of the car while travelling.

Why?  Comfort?  To keep cool?  I have no idea, but it is stupid.  A passing car can easily come to close and damage the arm and the car.  Driver and passengers would be much safer with their arms and legs kept in the right place.

I often laugh, that my legs are so long it would not be possible to put them on the dashboard – it is certainly not anything I would want to do – even if I could!

So, be warned.  Don’t let any of your passengers risk life and limb by doing these silly things. Just stop the car if someone puts their feet on the dashboard.

What do you think?


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