Challenges of Living Alone – Story from the News

A woman who lived alone was bashed.  Read the Channel 9 News Item here. The story is horrific – an 18 year old male, probably trying to steal to fund a drug habit, bashes a 78 year old woman.  Despite her injuries she somehow made it to her bank, and the staff noticing her injuries, sought help for her.

It is hard to believe that young people don’t see any problems with bashing another person.  To bash a lone older woman is just one sad and horrible crime.  No doubt she was confused and didn’t have the ability at that time to call for help.

It is a challenge living alone.  Many people choose to do so, but it there needs to be some planning.  To have good neighbours is pretty essential – but that is something that one can do little about – other than to keep a good relationship with your neighbours.

One new neighbour is slowly “improving”.  His initial comment when I met him and his wife, is that they didn’t need to be friendly with neighbours.  But I not he brought my rubbish bin in today, and has done other small kind things.  The friendship is developing a little.  Still, I don’t know his phone number and I doubt he’d hear me call out if I needed help.

On the other side of my unit – the house is empty. No help there and the previous tenant was not a nice person.

I noted that just a few minutes ago I went to my clothesline.  I took some clothes from the laundry, out the back door and down the side of the house to peg them on the line.  My back door was open. Unlocked.  I did pull the sliding door closed, but realised that a sneaky person could actually get into my house while I was outside.  He/she could be in there waiting to bash me.   I guess I just have to be alert.  Trying to lock the back door while holding a heavy load of washing wouldn’t be easy.  (I think it is more about placement of some house facilities.  Why is my clothesline so far down the side of my house?)

The best thing is to keep your doors locked as much as possible, have security screens on doors and windows, and be mindful of your situation at all times.

Also have a key (in a secure lock) where a family member or someone can access your house in an emergency.

Lock your keys in one of these and let your family know the code to get in. Available at Bunnings for around $21

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