Look out London, Here I Come

UBC – Day 17

Co-housing in London

In the last 18 months, I have been busy on a project for affordable safe housing for solo senior women – regarded as one of the most poverty-stricken cohorts in Australia and no doubt other countries too.  My focus is on my own country, Australia.  Well over a year ago, I found out about a co-housing project in London, and have been communicating with them since mid-2017.

I am collecting a following of women who are seeking housing in a safe and friendly environment here.  Private rental properties are too expensive unless you are working, and there is limited public housing and issues with it anyway.  Mostly the women are on their own, though some of our supporters are married.  I have also been interviewed on two major television programs too.

The London project, New Ground (www.owch.org.uk), had many challenges getting off the ground, as we might say, but in the end, the 25 units were completed and late last year the women moved in.  There has been much publicity about them – and many of us here in Australia have learned about it.

I decided that I should go and visit them. Initially, I expected that I could spend a few hours there, but it looks like I may be able to stay at the complex for a few days and I am so excited.

A visit to Dubai

Today I have been organising my travel.  I am going to go via Dubai and spend a couple of days there.  Probably go on the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus.  I usually like to do a day or more tour of a Hop On Hop off bus, which I will, of course, do in London too.

From bus website

Hop on Hop Off Bus in Dubai

I have been to London before – but only for a couple of days.  This time I will be there for over a week.  Have several places to visit.  Let’s see what I can do!

So, I am all excited.  So much planning to do in just over two weeks.  Bring it on.



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