Marketing – A List of Things for Writers To Do

I am a member of several Writers Groups and have many friends in the field of writing and get frustrated by their poor marketing. I am seriously often disturbed with the unsophisticated way many manage their writing business.  For a start, despite the fact that they want to sell their books often they present in an unprofessional manner.

Here is a list of things to get and do!

  1. Business Cards – they can be inexpensive even home made, but you must be able to give those interested in what you do, a card with your name, and contact details and if you’ve written a book, or do something that is associated with writing, list it.
  2. Website/Blog – you don’t have to be a techy.  You can use one of the free platforms – or get a grandchild to do it for you.  If you have  a book done, talk about it, have an image of the book, a photo of you, and a short bio, where the book can be purchased.  It can be a FREE site (, WordPress, Weebly) and it will help boost your readership if you also create a blog on the site.  Update it weekly, fortnightly – and talk about your writing journey.
  3. Talk about What You Do or your Book.   If you meet someone and they ask you what you do, tell them you are a writer and about your book.  Be confident about talking about your achievements, without boasting, and briefly talk about it. (If they don’t ask you, ask them what they do, and no doubt they will then ask you what you do!)
  4. Be Prepared to be a Guest Speaker. There are many groups that would welcome a new and interesting speaker at their meetings.  Practice talking for about 20 minutes about your topic, your book, your writing journey.  Have a Beginning, Middle and End to your talk.  Don’t waffle. Practice and when you are ready promote yourself as a speaker.
  5. Letter and Bio.   If you are asked to speak send a letter (can be handwritten – that is sometimes impressive!) and thank them for the opportunity.  Send a sheet with your photo and bio, which they can use for publicity.
bus cards

Business Cards – Essential Marketing Tools – on VistaPrint site


There’s lots more to marketing yourself and your book, but the above is the very least you should do!!

Here are some website that might help.  Book Marketing. 

This one was written a few years ago, and perhaps I would suggest fBlogging is more important now than it was then, but hey, some good ideas here in a Readers Digest publication.

Happy Writing and Selling!


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